Tea Towel Basket Centerpiece

I love this simple table decor idea from Chiara and Ilene of One O.  All you need is a tea towel to make this cute basket centerpiece. “Centerpieces are usually important aspects of the table, whether they’re just decorative or pretty and functional. So having a chance to make one up from things you have at home sounds like savour to us!” they say.


This project starts with a basic tea towel, or a napkin will work, too.  Step-by-step instructions are provided for folding the fabric into a basket shape.   Chiara and Ilene suggest placing a potted plant or a vase of flowers within the textile basket.  It’s an easy, last-minute option for adding a little pizzazz to your table.


Check out the tutorial for this centerpiece at One O.

Rustic Wood Cooler

Brooke from Killer b. Designs loved the idea of adding a rustic cooler to her patio but was
turned off by the high prices. So Brooke and her hubby joined forces to transform this old cooler.


They hid away the ugly green plastic with a frame built by 2x2s and some reclaimed fence posts found by the curb. Next up was attaching a spigot to the cooler for drainage, an antler shed for the handle, and a bottle opener for decoration. Brooke says, “It was so easy and only $30 in supplies (since we had the cooler and fence wood on hand). It’s a great addition to our back porch…”


Head on over to Killer b. Designs for the full tutorial.

Trophy Cupcake Stand

Cathe from Just Something I Made was inspired by other cool repurpose projects using vintage trophies to make one of her own. Just like Cathe, you can likely find an assortment of trophies at a garage sale or thrift store if you don’t have your own personal collection stored away.

trophy to cupcake stand

Cathe painted her pieces silver and hot pink and then reassembled the trophies using pie tart pans and scalloped cake platters to create tiers. These are so cute for entertaining and would be awesome to use for end-of-the-season banquets for sports teams.

trophy cake stands

Find the complete tutorial at Just Something I Made.

Metal Entertaining Cart

For Wendy from Wenderly there isn’t much that is more invigorating than scouring antiques shops for hidden treasures. One of Wendy’s adventures turned up this rusty flower cart. Yes, it’s a little hard on the eyes in its original state, but, of course, Wendy saw beneath all the rust.

Rusty Flower Cart

Wendy simply sanded off the rust, primed, and painted until she had this beautiful entertaining cart. The wheels and shelves make it perfect for filling with yummy refreshments and serving to guests.

Flower Cart to Entertaining Cart

Head on over to Wenderly to read more.