Mid Century Modern Nightstand Makeover

Ashley of Domestic Imperfection was 41.5 weeks pregnant when she decided that something had to be done about these nightstands.  They’d been languishing in their dated state since she’d hauled them home two years ago….but when that nesting instinct kicks in, watch out!


A two-tone finish was what Ashley envisioned for her mid century mod nightstands.  She sanded and primed them, then stopped to go have that baby!  Ashley’s husband finished things up by restaining the drawer fronts, and painting the rest of the wood a sophisticated shade of blue.  Stunning!


Find out more about the makeover (including the paint color) at Domestic Imperfection.

End Table Gets a Stylish Boost

Over at Pennylove Projects, Crystal says, “I found two of these tables last week during my garbage rounds. They were in desperate need of a makeover.”


Crystal had a vision for these tables.  She was pretty sure they would look better with a new finish and a little bit of a lift.  Crystal covered the old finish with homemade chalk paint in a shade of charcoal gray.  She picked up some wood furniture feet at her local hardware store and painted them to match the table.  Added to the bottom of each table, the feet raise them off the floor and completely change the style of these end tables.  Don’t they look great next to Crystal’s couch?


Visit Pennylove Projects to get the details on this furniture makeover.

Paper-topped End Table

Candice from ReFab Diaries spotted this table during a morning run. (See? Running IS good for you!) She brought it home and turned it into a gorgeous end table for her living room.


First Candice removed the cherry red paint and prepped the table for its new cover. She splurged on a beautiful sheet of handmade Nepalese paper for the tabletop and says, “I loved the obvious natural fibers and pops of red and orange.” Using Mod Podge, Candice adhered the paper to the table and created a protective top coat.


So cool! For more pictures and instructions (and to see where she ordered her paper) go check out the tutorial at ReFab Diaries!


Out of the Ashes

Amy’s brother works for a restoration company and was cleaning up a house that had recently suffered a fire.  “When he came across this little end table…he knew I could save it and give it a new life!” she tells us at Junque Chic.


Due to all the water and smoke damage, it was necessary to remove every bit of the veneer on this piece.  Once the veneer was off, Amy gave the piece a good sanding and applied gray tinted primer.  She painted the outside of the end table with metallic silver paint, while the inside got a coat of black paint.  Amy applied black glaze over the silver paint, giving it the appearance of aged pewter, and painted the original hardware to match.  Doesn’t it look amazing?smokey-gray-end-table


Click over to Junque Chic to read more about the paints and products used for this end table makeover.

Pretty End Table Gets Saved from the Landfill

When Design It Girl, Nicole, came across this marble topped end table, it was about to be tossed.  “A company that was selling vintage pieces (in not so great shape) was relocating their store, and they had so many pieces, they didn’t want to bother moving.”  Nicole salvaged this table and several other pieces.

Design It Girl end table before

While this table was showing some age with a dated finish, it was still sturdy with good bones.  She repainted it using a pale blue from Valspar’s line of spray paints.  A little bit of java glaze applied after the paint brought out some of the carved details on this piece.  Nicole restored the original hardware from this piece, and reattached it once she’d finished painting.  With the marble top and golden drawer pulls, doesn’t this piece have a new air of elegance?

Design It Girl end table after

Read more details on this rescued end table at Design It Girl.

80’s Green Side Table Get’s a Swoon-Worthy Makeover

“I’m sure many of you remember when hunter green was THE  color in home decor back in the ’80s,” says Jeanie of Create & Babble.  “This old table has been my bedside table forever. I don’t know what took me so long to paint it!”Create & Babble side table before

Not only was the color dated, but Jeanie’s bedside table showed some wear and tear, especially on the tabletop.  She mixed her own chalk paint, using some latex paint leftover from other projects.  The top and drawer front were painted with Benjamin Moore’s Barely Teal.  After distressing the table for a comfortably worn finish, Jeanie added some new knobs that she already had on hand.  It’s hard to tell this lovely table originated in the ’80’s!Create & Babble side table after

Find out more about this makeover at Create & Babble.

Fun with Legos on a Retro Table

Over at Fussy Monkey Business, Crystal had this cute little end table sitting in her attic for years.  One evening, while playing Legos with her son, she realized exactly what she needed to do with that table.

Fussy Monkey Business lego table before

The old table was sturdy but most of the finish was worn off.  Crystal used a jig saw to cut out most of the upper shelf.  She applied several coats of bright red spray paint.  She attached a Lego plate to the bottom half of the table with liquid nails, and inserted a basket for easy brick storage in the upper half, where she’d cut out an opening.  The result is a perfect end table for a playroom, creating storage and play space for Legos!

Fussy Monkey Business lego table after

Get all the details on this makeover at Fussy Monkey Business.

Turquoise Carved Side Table

The side table in this makeover was a true rescue.  Shanna explains why at Restoration Redoux, “A girlfriend of mine was throwing out this table and when I went to pick it up I knew why. It was scratched, filthy and weighed about a thousand pounds!”

Restoration Redoux side table before

Despite the cons of the piece, Shanna could see a lot of pros, like the sturdy frame and intricate carving.  To give it a new look, she tells us, “I painted it with aqua DIY chalkpaint, gave it a paint glaze, coated it in wax and shined up the hardware. I might be keeping this piece since it would take four people to lift it out of my house!” Shanna laughs.  I definitely wouldn’t be broken hearted if it had to stay at my house–that’s a gorgeous makeover!

Restoration Redoux side table after

You can find out more about this project at Restoration Redoux.