West Elm on a Dime

Andrea at Decorating Cents was falling out of love with her red table. While browsing a West Elm catalog, she saw a set of nesting tables with a similar shape.  She says, “I knew with a little paint, I could come close to the West Elm version.”


A few cans of black spray paint covered up the red nicely. Andrea decided she didn’t want a flat white top, and said, “To create the look of texture, I decided to go with white washing.” After several coats using her white washing technique, the table was finished and Andrea was thrilled. “The table doesn’t scream at you like the red did. It’s much more subtle.” I love how elegant it looks!


You can check out more pictures and instructions at Decorating Cents.

Pretty End Table Gets Saved from the Landfill

When Design It Girl, Nicole, came across this marble topped end table, it was about to be tossed.  “A company that was selling vintage pieces (in not so great shape) was relocating their store, and they had so many pieces, they didn’t want to bother moving.”  Nicole salvaged this table and several other pieces.

Design It Girl end table before

While this table was showing some age with a dated finish, it was still sturdy with good bones.  She repainted it using a pale blue from Valspar’s line of spray paints.  A little bit of java glaze applied after the paint brought out some of the carved details on this piece.  Nicole restored the original hardware from this piece, and reattached it once she’d finished painting.  With the marble top and golden drawer pulls, doesn’t this piece have a new air of elegance?

Design It Girl end table after

Read more details on this rescued end table at Design It Girl.

Turquoise Carved Side Table

The side table in this makeover was a true rescue.  Shanna explains why at Restoration Redoux, “A girlfriend of mine was throwing out this table and when I went to pick it up I knew why. It was scratched, filthy and weighed about a thousand pounds!”

Restoration Redoux side table before

Despite the cons of the piece, Shanna could see a lot of pros, like the sturdy frame and intricate carving.  To give it a new look, she tells us, “I painted it with aqua DIY chalkpaint, gave it a paint glaze, coated it in wax and shined up the hardware. I might be keeping this piece since it would take four people to lift it out of my house!” Shanna laughs.  I definitely wouldn’t be broken hearted if it had to stay at my house–that’s a gorgeous makeover!

Restoration Redoux side table after

You can find out more about this project at Restoration Redoux.

Hollywood Glam End Table Makeover

“These little tables were rescued on the way home from piano lessons and then sat in my basement for about a year while I tried to figure
out how to re-do them. I almost threw them out until I decided that glam was the way to go!” explains Kim of Reposhture Studio.

Reposhture end table before

She started the makeover by sanding, priming, and painting the little tables.  The next step was to add some glam in the form of silver leaf.  I love the way these turned out–they definitely look glamorous without being over-the-top or ornate.  Beautiful!

Reposhture end table after

You can find out more about this makeover at Reposhture Studio.

Polka Dot Table Makeover

Shanna from Restoration Redoux says, ” I literally rescued this table out of my friends dumpster.  One leg was wobbly, and it was all scratched up.”  Time for a makeover!

Restoration Redoux table before

She tells us what she did to transform this little table from shabby to chic, explaining, “I painted the bottom with pink chalkpaint and the top I painted black, covered in circle stickers and then painted over them with white. I repainted the original hardware and gave the table a coat of wax.  I think this would be so cute in a little girls room!”  Absolutely!  The color combo is great, and I really like the varying sizes of polka dots.

Restoration Redoux table after

You can see more views of this cute table at Restoration Redoux.

Spring Green End Table Makeover

When Karen of The Weekend Country Girl arrived home the other day, this end table was waiting by the front door.  “The junk fairy apparently made a visit while we were gone!” she laughs.

The Weekend Country Girl end table befor

Since Karen had no room for it at her house, she was nice enough to put the word out to her friends on Facebook.  The first friend to express interest got to pick the paint color and take home the table!  Before the table left her, Karen worked her magic.  She sanded the top and stained the top so the beautiful wood grain would show through.  The body of the table was painted the color of her friend’s choice, Behr’s Happy Camper.  The finished table is a knock out!

The Weekend Country Girl end table after

You can learn more about this transformation at The Weekend Country Girl.

End Table Floral Makeover

At Art is Beauty, Karen confesses that she collects old pieces of furniture…and sometimes she forgets what is at the bottom of the pile.  That was the case for this little end table, until Karen rediscovered it one day.

Art is Beauty end table before

The table was pretty beat up, but Karen couldn’t help but love it because of the pretty carved details on front.  She fixed it up and painted it.  Next, she painted a flower that she loves on the top of the table: dogwood.  She even painted the knobs to match.  Isn’t this a beautiful piece of furniture, now?

Art is Beauty end table after

You can find out more about Karen’s paint techniques at Art is Beauty.