Fall Leaf Garland

If you need “a really, really, REALLY quick DIY for Thanksgiving,” Katie at Love Paper Paint has you covered. She’s showing us how to make some two gorgeous decorations with fall leaves and a few leftover Halloween pumpkins.


Katie loves decorating for the holidays, but says she tries to stick to “items we’ve saved from previous years or things I find around the house. And it has to be something I can throw together quickly.” She spent ten minutes on each project, so I’d say this for sure meets the “quick” criteria. Katie transformed the pumpkins with gold duct tape (fancy!!!) and created the garland with her magnolia leaves.


See more pictures and get even more ideas at Love Paper Paint.

Duct Tape Transforms Storage Drawers

Linda from With a Blast shares the backstory on this old storage drawers unit.  “I have had this particular unit for years…it used to be hidden under my desk.”  But now that Linda has moved her furniture around, the drawers will be in a more visible area, and she decided they were a little too blah.


To jazz up the drawers, Linda grabbed some cute patterned duct tape she’d used for another project.  She applied the duct tape to the drawer fronts and handles, alternating colors and using a craft knife to get around the tricky spots.  Now Linda’s drawer unit would pretty up any room!


Visit Linda at With a Blast to read more about her duct tape storage drawers transformation.

Vintage Suitcase is Pretty in Pink

Over at Pretty Providence, Sarah has a collection of vintage suitcases down in her cellar, which she scored at yard sales over time.  One day she got brave enough to take on an old ugly suitcase and make it something beautiful.  Sarah wasn’t quite brave enough to take on a spooky cellar though, so her husband saved the day and brought up the suitcase.  That’s what husbands are for, am I right?


Sarah cleaned up the suitcase as best she could, then duct taped the gold hardware. She completely transformed the suitcase by spray painting it a beautiful pink. It’s hard to believe it’s the same suitcase, if you ask me!


Find out the brand and shade of spray paint Sarah used at Pretty Providence.

From Storage to Style: Cardboard Furniture

Here’s a rescue project that impressed the heck out of me.  Ananada from A Piece of Rainbow figured out how to make some pretty good looking furniture pieces…..out of cardboard boxes!


Not only are these fun furniture pieces a wonder of recycling, they are lightweight and protable–Ananada says they can be packed up and easily reassembled at the beach, park, or any other destination.  I won’t go into all the details of construction, because Ananda provides plans and a detailed tutorial for you at her site.  But I will say that, cleverly, the colorful duck tape not only adds some color and flair but serves to add some strength to the furniture, as well.  Isn’t the finished project amazing?


Make sure you visit A Piece of Rainbow to learn all about making furniture from cardboard boxes.

From the Breakfast Table to the Garden

Amy from Joyful Daisy came up with a fun way to give a plastic juice jug a second life.  Once emptied, she turned this former juice bottle into a pretty watering can for her garden.

duck tape watering can before

“This Minute Maid orange juice jug has served it’s original purpose of hydrating us and now as an adorable watering can it can continue it’s hydration with plants,” Amy laughs.  The transformation was simple.  She cut off the lid portion of the bottle to create a spout for easy pouring.  Yellow spray paint brightened the plastic container.  She wrapped colorful duct tape around the handle for added grip, and also used it to cover the sharp edges where she cut out the spout.  Super fun!


Click over to Joyful Daisy to view a full tutorial for this fun upcycling project.

Ugly Canvas to Statement Art Print

Over at Girl Loves Glam, McKenzie tells us, “My mom works at a home decor store…When my mom told me she had some huge, ugly canvases that I could have for FREE, I jumped on the offer!”  McKenzie knew she could give those sad flowers a makeover and transform the canvas into something much more functional for her home- a large canvas print of her family picture.

girl loves glam before

First McKenzie had an engineer’s print made of the photo she wanted to use at the same dimensions as the canvas.  Then she cut the flower canvas off of its frame and lined up her photo on the other side.  After discovering a few methods that didn’t work (mod podge and glue), McKenzie tried attaching the photo with black duct tape.  To her surprise, pulling the print tightly while taping it down was the way to go!  Not only did the duct tape adhere the print to the canvas, it made the perfect border for her black and white photo!  Great idea, McKenzie!

girl loves glam after

You can find out more about how McKenzie attached her print to the canvas at Girl Loves Glam.

Upcycled Washi Tape Bracelets

When Michelle from Delicate Construction finished a craft project using Duck Tape, she didn’t throw away the empty cardboard rolls.  Instead, she looked at them and thought, “Why not make a bracelet?”

delicate construction before

Michelle started with the two empty cardboard rolls and some Washi tape.  She wrapped the tape on to the roll one row at a time, overlapping the ends of the tape on the inside of the roll so that the outside of the roll would look finished.   Repeating rows of Washi tape all the way around the rolls was all it took to make Michelle’s cute chunky bracelets!  I think they’ll add a fun flair to any outfit!

delicate construction after

You can visit Michelle at Delicate Construction to learn more about this project.

Duck Tape Christmas Star

Frou FruGal Suesan found this metal star for cheap at a local surplus store.  It had a great shape and was the right size for one of her Christmas vignettes, but it was a little plain.

Froufrou Gal duck tape star before

Suesan dressed up the star with something as inexpensive as it is unexpected:  Duck tape!  Now the star has a durable, eye-catching metallic finish.  I think this is an inspired idea–no need to wait for a warm winter day to use spray paint.

Froufrou Gal duck tape star after

You can learn more about this project at Frou FruGal.