Sewing Table Turned Party Cooler

I love this re-imagined sewing table from Courtney of Sweet C’s Designs.   How many times have you seen one of these old sewing machine tables at a thrift store or garage sale?  Courtney had a brilliant idea to turn one into a drink station.

Sweet C designs sewing table before

The inspiration for this party cooler/drink station started with Courtney’s baby celebrating a first birthday.  Courtney wanted something aqua and vintage to serve as a central part of the party decor, and realized that the old sewing table her mom had given her might be perfect–with a few tweaks.  Courtney’s husband added a roasting pan underneath the top to house the ice, and a fresh coat of turquoise paint freshened it up.  It’s perfect!

Sweet C designs sewing table after

You can get more details on this transformation at Sweet C’s Designs.