Taking the 70s out of the Dresser

Taryn inherited a dresser with great clean lines that was the perfect size for her daughter’s room. Unfortunately, it “was clearly a victim to some serious orange spray paint in the 70’s.” What’s a gal to do? At Design, Dining, and Diapers she’s working a pastel-friendly transformation with the help of chalk paint powder!


Taryn sanded the dresser to strip off the orange paint, then stained it. She mixed the chalk paint powder “into a quart of ‘remnant latex paint’ that I picked up from the hardware store for $2.50. . . . It’s a light gray with a little bit of a blue undertone.” After dry-brushing it on, Taryn can honestly say “THIS STUFF ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF.” The final touch came in the form of pink drawer pulls, chosen by her little girl. Looks like mama and daughter both have great taste!

BBFrosch-Chalky-Paint-DresserTo read more about this makeover, visit Taryn at Design, Dining, and Diapers.


King of the Grill’s New Workstation

Sherry’s husband has been slowly accumulating a lot of outdoor cooking gear on their back porch. It was getting to the point where “he really did need some sort of area for prep and to handle all the food that he is cranking out.” So Sherry, who blogs at Upcycle Addict, used an old dresser to surprise her “amazing BBQ King” with a smokin‘ Father’s Day present.

dresserThis dresser had been hanging out in a garage for years with lots of, um, critters calling it home, so it was “very very nasty.” Sherry scraped and bleached it, then used homemade chalk paint and sealed it with a stain. She cut a piece of veneer to cover the back of the dresser, then added wheels, signs, a paper towel holder, and a basket for holding spices. Sherry says, “I think I earned the best wife award for this one.” Um, yeah she did!

grilling-island-from-dresserTo see more pictures of how this fabulous work station turned out (you’ve got to check out the back!), go see Sherry at Upcycle Addict.

A Dresser Goes Ombre

At Divine Lifestyle, Stacie demonstrates just how fun and easy it can be to add a trendy ombre effect to your home.  It’s a perfect decorating technique for summer, since, as Stacie explains, “Ombre colored pieces give a water color effect, where the color starts off light and trickles down to a bolder hue.”  Her ombre project started with a dresser that was rescued from the curb.


The dresser wasn’t very pretty, but was actually in pretty good condition.  Stacie cleaned off the dresser and painted it white, first.  Next, she picked a sample jar of paint in a shade of turquoise that she loved.  To achieve the ombre effect, she painted one drawer with the turquoise paint first, then added a little more white paint to her sample jar to paint each successive drawer.  It was that easy!  The tall, stacked drawers in shades of turquoise are dressed and ready for summer, now!


Check out the full makeover of this dresser at Divine Lifestyle.

Which Way Did This Dresser Makeover Go?

Well, it’s easy to figure that out, because this dresser is full of maps!  Karen from The Salvaged Boutique rescued this dresser from the curbside on garbage day.  Although it had sustained some minor damage, she knew that it could be repaired and restyled.


After repairing one dresser drawer, Karen applied a couple coats of chalk paint and distressed the paint a bit.  She lined the drawers and decoupaged street maps onto the sides of the drawers. “In order to save on hardware, which can get expensive, I decoupaged wooden knobs with street maps too!” Karen tells us.  I love that shade of turquoise!


Get details on the full makeover at The Salvaged Boutique.

Dresser Revamp, New York City Style

At Makin’ My Apt a Home, Arod’s daughter has been wanting a New York City theme for her bedroom.  Mom decided to make it a reality, and the first step was transforming this hand-me-down dresser.


To give this worn-out old dresser some city style, Arod started by stripping down the finish on the dresser top and then stained it.  Using chalk paint, she painted the drawers dark gray with a crisp, white border.  Next, Arod used some inexpensive sign stencils to write the names of different city streets onto the drawers.  She lined the drawers with NYC-themed fabric, and finished the project with a set of pretty glass knobs.  Perfection!


To get all the details on this makeover, visit Makin’ My Apt a Home.

Roadside Dresser Gets a New Purpose

“My Step-Dad found this dresser at the side of the road on garbage day,” confesses Shelly at 100 Things 2 Do.  She was in desperate need of a place to corral miscellaneous winter gear, like hats and gloves, and decided that the old dresser could serve a new purpose.


After removing damaged drawers and braces, Shelly sanded away the old finish.  She painted the dresser a darker gray outside and lighter gray inside.  Shelly found baskets that would fit onto the shelves, and enjoys having a taller shelf for bags and other miscellaneous items.  What a great idea!


Get more information on this repurposed dresser at 100 Things 2 Do.

Mid Century Mod Dress Update in Gold and White

“This dresser was part of my bedroom set growing up,” Abby explains at Just a Girl and Her Blog, “and I took it with me when I left my parents’ house and never gave it
back.”  She’s used the dresser in different ways around her house, even painting it black several years ago, as you see in the picture below.



“I was in the mood for a change recently,” Abby admits, which inspired this makeover.  Since the black paint was showing every nick and finger print, and hiding some of the fun mid-century-mod details, she decided to go with a lighter look.  Abby painted the dresser glossy white, then accented the drawer pulls and legs with gold paint.  It looks fantastic!


Get the details on this dresser transformation at Just a Girl and Her Blog.

Dresser to Coffee Table Transformation

Over at Lake Girl Paints, Deb has been working some furniture makeover magic.  It all started with a dresser passed down from Grandma.


The dresser had some gorgeous lines, but had too much water damage on the bottom half to be used as it was.  Instead, Deb cut it down to coffee table height and added some simple legs.  She sanded and stained the old dresser.  Next, she painted the box around the drawers a vintage white, sanding the edges for a worn look.  Leaving the drawers and top stained gave the coffee table a two-tone finish that looks great in Deb’s living room!

Dresser into coffee table

Get all the details on this dresser turned coffee table at Lake Girl Paints.