Helping Dressers Get Over Lost Drawers

Even if you aren’t interested in refinishing furniture, you have to read Karen’s advice for helping a dresser recover from a bad breakup at Redoux Interiors.  It’s hilarious!  The point is, Karen often finds dressers that have been kicked to the curb…without their drawers.  Like this one.

Redoux Interiors no drawer dresser before

She explains that even when a dresser has lost what makes it a dresser–the drawers–it’s still possible to make it a useful piece of furniture.  Karen often has to add some shelves and reinforcements, but with lots of creativity and a little paint and stain, she can usually salvage a lovely, new shelf from what was once considered junk.  Check out how a great refinishing job and baskets transformed this old dresser.

Redoux Interiors no drawer dresser after

You can read Karen’s entertaining commentary on this makeover at Redoux Interiors.

Dresser with Baskets Refabbed

When Karin at Art is Beauty came across this old dresser at Goodwill, it was really cheap due to it’s battered condition.  She loved the baskets that came with it though, so decided to see what some sanding and a coat of paint could do for it.

Turns out, a little paint can go a long way with some things!  The sage green paint color Karin chose with the natural wicker basket drawers, and it’s an added bonus that so many of Karin’s craft supplies fit inside the roomy baskets.

See more pictures of this makeover at Art is Beauty.