A Dresser Goes Ombre

At Divine Lifestyle, Stacie demonstrates just how fun and easy it can be to add a trendy ombre effect to your home.  It’s a perfect decorating technique for summer, since, as Stacie explains, “Ombre colored pieces give a water color effect, where the color starts off light and trickles down to a bolder hue.”  Her ombre project started with a dresser that was rescued from the curb.


The dresser wasn’t very pretty, but was actually in pretty good condition.  Stacie cleaned off the dresser and painted it white, first.  Next, she picked a sample jar of paint in a shade of turquoise that she loved.  To achieve the ombre effect, she painted one drawer with the turquoise paint first, then added a little more white paint to her sample jar to paint each successive drawer.  It was that easy!  The tall, stacked drawers in shades of turquoise are dressed and ready for summer, now!


Check out the full makeover of this dresser at Divine Lifestyle.

Pretty Porch Planters from Discarded Drawers

Don’t you love seeing all the colorful flowers turning up on everyone’s porches? Mindi noticed “drawers used for planters several times and loved them.” Thanks to a curbside find on her city’s clean up day, she finally has the chance to make her own! At My Love 2 Create, she’s showing us how it’s done.

wooden-drawers-and-spindlesMindi used scrap wood to create a base the size of the drawers, then used leftover wood from another project to create shelves for the bottom and the legs of the smaller planter. A set of $1 spindles became the legs for the taller planter. To finish the drawers, Mindi drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom, stapled them to the bases, and then had some fun with spray paint! Mindi says, “This project makes me super happy, and I am so glad I get to see them on my porch every day.” I would be too!

porch-planters-made-from-drawersSee the complete tutorial at My Love 2 Create.

Card Catalog to Side Table

Chaney from May Richer Fuller Be spotted this rusty three drawer metal card catalog on the side of the road.  Even in bad shape, she was sure that the card catalog had some fun possibilities.


After some thought, Chaney decided that with the addition of some legs, the card catalog could become a really cool side table.  “I started thinking creatively about what I could use for a stand and then I came across the perfect black outdoor iron table at an antiques mall nearby. The legs were a very similar style to the hairpin ones I’d been looking at and the price was much friendlier,” she tells us.  Chaney sanded away the rust on both pieces, and painted them dark gray.  Now it functions as a handy side table and spot to store supplies in her office.


Get all the details on this transformation at May Richer Fuller Be.

Duct Tape Transforms Storage Drawers

Linda from With a Blast shares the backstory on this old storage drawers unit.  “I have had this particular unit for years…it used to be hidden under my desk.”  But now that Linda has moved her furniture around, the drawers will be in a more visible area, and she decided they were a little too blah.


To jazz up the drawers, Linda grabbed some cute patterned duct tape she’d used for another project.  She applied the duct tape to the drawer fronts and handles, alternating colors and using a craft knife to get around the tricky spots.  Now Linda’s drawer unit would pretty up any room!


Visit Linda at With a Blast to read more about her duct tape storage drawers transformation.

From the Dresser to the Kitchen: Herbs in Drawers

Dawn Nicole from Designed by Dawn Nicole gives her husband all the credit for figuring out what to do with the dresser-less set of drawers that had been sitting in their garage for months.  One day he asked her, “Do you want me to add legs so you can grow your herbs in them?”


More than delighted with the idea, Dawn Nicole was eager to see it happen.  Her husband added legs to the drawers using 1x4s, and drilled several holes in the bottom of each drawer for drainage.  Then Dawn Nicole painted the drawers with a base of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Arles, and added sweet polkadots and turquoise butterfly stencils.  Filled with dirt and planted with herbs, the former drawers make perfectly lovely raised beds for herbs!


Get all the details on this genius drawer rescue by visiting Designed by Dawn Nicole.

Cereal Boxes to Stylish Drawer Dividers

Jen blogs at IHeart Organizing.  Although her desk drawer was once beautifully organized with acrylic drawer dividers, she decided to use the drawer dividers in her vanity instead.  And five months later, her desk drawer needed some love.

iheart organizing before

Enter some leftover food boxes, such as cereal boxes, waffle boxes, and granola bar boxes.  Jen collected enough to fill her drawer, and once she had arranged them to fit perfectly, she cut them down to size using the drawer as a guide.  After that, Jen used cute scrapbook paper and tape to jazz up her free new drawer dividers.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Jen’s drawer dividers have me searching my house for a drawer the perfect size to organize and beautify just like she did!

iheart organizing after

Visit Jen at IHeart Organizing to see the step-by-step process.

Old Drawer to Storage Ottoman

At Diary of a Crafty Lady, Lindsay tells us, “I found a few old drawers on the side of the road during trash day and couldn’t pass them up! I turned one into a wall shelf for my
daughter, and with another one I made this storage ottoman!”

Diary of a Crafty Lady drawer before

Too make the ottoman, Lindsay had the hardware store cut a piece of MDF to fit the drawer opening.  She topped that witha thick piece of foam and stapled fabric in a fun floral print around that to form the top of the ottoman.  Lindsay added legs she’d saved from another project, and the ottoman was complete!  Now she has a cute ottoman and a great option for hidden storage.  Great idea, Lindsay!

Diary of a Crafty Lady drawer after

You can get more details on this project at Diary of a Crafty Lady.

What to Do with Extra Drawers

Here at Roadkill Rescue, we sometimes see dressers with missing drawers that force crafty people to get creative.  Today, Claire from Rustic Pig Designs shares her solution to the opposite problem: using drawers when the dresser isn’t useable.  I think you’ll agree her solution is fabulous!

Rustic Pig drawers before

Claire added legs to the drawers to create  wooden boxes.  Painting and stenciling the boxes transformed the junked drawers into completely adorable storage containers with a rustic country vibe.  What a terrific place to toss extra pillows from the bed or couch!  I love the whimsical drawer handles that Claire used, too.

Rustic Pig drawers after

You can get the details on this project at Rustic Pig Designs.