Glamorous Nightstand Makeover

“My husband rescued this cute little nightstand from the side of the road,” says Misty at The Cedar Shake Cape.  “I loved the shape and size of it.”  Even though the nightstand was a bit scratched up, it was in good enough condition that Misty was willing to putt a little effort into restoration.


Misty decided that a fresh coat of paint would work wonders on this piece, so after giving it a thorough cleaning, she covered it in navy tinted milk paint.  She finished it with hemp oil, which deepened and sealed the color.  New pulls really give this nightstand polish.  Isn’t it pretty?


“I love how it came out!” Misty exclaims.  Find out more about the paint she used at The Cedar Shake Cape.

Restyled Office Desk

When Caitlyn of Desert Domicile blogs, she sits at this desk–which happens to be World Market’s Josephine Desk given to her my her mother.  She liked the desk, but admits to having a bit of a design crush on campaign desks.  After searching her local Craigslist fruitlessly, one day Caitlyn noticed just how similar her own desk was to the campaign-style desks she admired.



Feeling inspired, Caitlyn took a trip to the local hardware store and came back with brass corner brackets and some cool lion-head drawer pulls.  She attached the brackets to the corners of her desk and the drawer pulls to the drawer, and voila!  Caitlyn had created the campaign desk of her dreams!  This is the best of both worlds:  keeping your old furniture and getting the new look you wanted at the same time.



Get more information on the hardware Caitlyn used to restyle her desk at Desert Domicile.

Updating a Dresser

“This bedroom set was in my daughter’s room until a couple of years ago, when we moved it into our master bedroom,” Jann explains at Newton Custom Interiors.  Although this was a very well-made, sturdy dresser, the top had sustained some water damage at some point, and then there was the faux wicker on those upper drawers….things being what they were, Jann decided it was time to update this dresser.


The first thing to go was fake, plastic wicker.  Jann pulled it out and replaced it with some extra v-board that she had leftover from her kitchen remodel.  She painted the dresser creamy white.  The old drawer pulls were removed and replaced with some modern looking black pulls, which make a nice contrast against the backdrop of a traditional dresser.  Amazing results, right?


Get more information about this dresser makeover at Newton Custom Interiors.

Waterfall Dresser Gets a Second Chance

When Gail of My Repurposed Life spotted this waterfall dresser, it’s former owner was just about to break it apart and toss it in the dumpster.  It was in really bad shape, having been stored for years in a damp shed.


Undertaking a makeover of the rescued dresser was no small task.   First, Gail had to peel away the damaged veneer and patch all of the cracked wood.  She chose to paint the dresser blue with white accents.  The old drawer pulls were painted white, too.  Pretty impressive new look for something that was about to be chopped up and thrown away, right?


Go to My Repurposed Life to find out what Gail used for painting this dresser.

DIY Serving Tray

Over at Create.Craft.Love., Jill claims her dad’s basement is a real treasure trove of saved and forgotten items.  “I swear the man has never thrown anything away.  As a DIY fanatic, it’s like going to the thrift store every time I visit!” she laughs.  On a recent visit, Jill came away from her dad’s with some old kitchen cabinet doors.


Jill decided that she would turn one of those old cabinet doors into a pretty serving tray for her coffee table.  To do so, she first layered cream and blue chalk paint over it.  She waxed the door and lightly sanded it to give it the distressed look that she loves.  Next, Jill added some pretty silver drawer pulls to the edges of the former door to serve as handles, effectively turning it into a tray.  Beautiful!


Learn more about the specific paint colors Jill used by clicking over to Create. Craft. Love. 

Free Desk Gets a Fabulous Makeover

Lauren from The Thinking Closet had been checking Craigslist for a roll-top desk when her in-laws offered her one they had.  Free furniture is awesome!  Lauren loved the idea of having lots of storage space that was easily concealed…but didn’t love the original oak finish.


Instead of keeping the wood tones, Lauren decided to completely refinish the desk in a pallet of white, gray, and aqua blue.  Most of the desk is painted in gray and white, but she made sure the drawers would have a pop of aqua when opened.  The side panels of the roll-top and the cork board inside got a pretty scalloped stencil.  Lauren spray painted some of the original hardware silver, and replaced some of it with handsome silver drawer pulls.  What a fresh, new look!


If you love this roll-top makeover and want to get more details on its new look, click over to The Thinking Closet.

Ruined Nightstands Get Another Chance

When Ashley of The Handmade Home got the two nightstands she’d ordered from an online retailer, they had been heavily damaged in shipping.  Luckily, the online retailer came through in a big way and refunded the purchase.  Ashley was left with two damaged, but free pieces of furniture!


The damaged dressers might have been sent to the curb by more easily discouraged persons, but Ashley and her husband made repairs to the nightstands, instead.  This included replacing the beyond-repair-tops with stained wood.  They repainted the rest of the pieces to cover up the dings and scratches.  The finishing touch was the addition of some gorgeous faux-agate knobs that Ashley made from Sculpey clay (believe it or not–wow!).  Simple changes that made these once ruined nights something special.


To learn how to make agate drawer pulls like these, follow the tutorial at The Handmade Home.

Dowdy Dresser Gets Some Mission Style

When a friend mentioned she was trashing her old college dresser, I knew we could make it over so you would never know it was the same piece,” says Carissa confidently on her blog, Carissa Miss.


She had good reason to be sure of herself, because this laminate dresser no longer fits the label of “cheap furniture” after the makeover she gave it.  Carissa gave it a good coat of primer before topping it with dark and light shades of paint.  She distressed and waxed it to give it a vintage patina.  One of the biggest changes to the look of this dresser came with the addition of new hardware, some classy metal pulls.  It looks great!

laminate dresser painted blue

Visit Carissa Miss to learn more about this dresser makeover.