Tube Television Turned Dog House

“I got this old TV for free at a yard sale, ” says Shanna of Restoration Redoux.  “My hubby didn’t understand why we were bringing home something that ugly or heavy.”  We rescuers are evil geniuses with plans up our sleeves all the time, are we not?


Shanna admits that she and her husband were both a little worried that he would electrocute himself while taking out the guts..but he made it through it.  Once the TV was gone, Shanna cleaned off the wood box and went to work painting it with plaster paint.  They covered the empty hole in the back with a board that Shanna painted bright pink and white with shape tape, and she painted the old hardware pink, too.  A curtain for the front and a pillow make this the perfect little hideaway for the family dog.


Click over to Restoration Redoux to get all the details on this tube television makeover.

End Table Dog Bed

When her future sister-in-law needed a large end table, Ashley from Domestic Imperfection knew she had just the one sitting in the furniture pile on her porch. Ashley got moving on her standard sanding and painting process while her son enjoyed crawling around inside the table. Thus an idea was born…

end table dog bed before

Why not revamp the table to double as a dog house?!? Ashley removed the doors and threw in a dog bed to make the table into a cozy resting place for a furry friend. What a clever way to save some floor space!

end table turned into dog bed

Ashley shows you how it’s done at Domestic Imperfection.

Platform Dog Bed

Inspired by other fantastic repurpose projects, Tammy from Southern Flair Crafts had been waiting to find the perfect curbed items for her own creation. Her first find included a twin headboard and footboard that were free for the taking.

footboard to dog bed

Tammy had been wanting to build a special bed for her rescued pooch Tucker, so this was just the jumpstart she needed to get the project rolling. Tammy pieced together the bottom halves of the headboard and footboard with some other wood to create this cozy, raised bed. It looks like a little doggie throne!

headboard and footboard to dog bed

Check it out at Southern Flair Crafts.