Fun Bat Boxes for Treats

Here’s a fun craft just in time for Halloween from Claire of A Little Claireification.  It’s something you probably already have all the supplies you need on hand, starting with the empty toilet paper rolls.


To make things extra easy, Claire painted her cardboard tubes with black spray paint.  Two simple folds at the top and bottom of the tube turn it into a box that can hold small surprises, like candy.  Googly eyes and bat wings glued onto the tube complete the transformation:  it’s a bat!


Check out the full tutorial at A Little Claireificiation.

Salvaged Doors Make a Cabinet

“I got these vintage armoire doors  from my neighbor,” says Gail at My Repurposed Life.  She decided right away to use them to make a small cabinet.


The first step was building a cabinet box to fit the doors, which Gail did with simple cuts of wood.  She added a couple of shelves inside the box for storage.  Next, Gail painted the cabinet box and doors black, accenting the raised detailing on the doors with metallic gold paint.  For added visual interest, she picked up some decorative brass sheet metal on clearance, and cut it to fill the open spaces on the cabinet doors.  Brass hardware finished of the project.  Awesome!


Make sure you click over to My Repurposed Life to get all the details on this DIYed cabinet.

Cloche from Repurposed Objects

“Anytime I can get crafty without having to go to the store is a good day for me,” confesses Selene at Restoration Beauty.  She made this pretty cloche using items she already had on hand.

diy mini cloche materials

For this project, Selene went around the house looking for items that she could use.  She found an old knob, an empty candle jar, a plate, and a candlestick.  She painted  the knobs and the candlesticks shiny gold.  She glued the candlestick and plate together to form a fireplace area, then attached the old knob to the bottom of the candle jar.  Turned knob-side up, it really does look like a cloche!


Visit Restoration Beauty to find out more.

Farmhouse Table from Fence Wood



Sabine was inspired by some of Ana White’s plans when she built this table.  No trips to the hardware store were made for the construction of this table–Sabine used things she already had on hand.  It was a pretty simple build followed up by some stain on the legs and a whitewashed tabletop.   “The table reminds me of my grandmother’s farmhouse table that her dad built for them. Some of our best conversations took place at this table, and I am hoping to make memories with my kids at my table,” Sabine tells us.


Make sure you click over to learn more about this project at Mom in Music City.

Restyled Office Desk

When Caitlyn of Desert Domicile blogs, she sits at this desk–which happens to be World Market’s Josephine Desk given to her my her mother.  She liked the desk, but admits to having a bit of a design crush on campaign desks.  After searching her local Craigslist fruitlessly, one day Caitlyn noticed just how similar her own desk was to the campaign-style desks she admired.



Feeling inspired, Caitlyn took a trip to the local hardware store and came back with brass corner brackets and some cool lion-head drawer pulls.  She attached the brackets to the corners of her desk and the drawer pulls to the drawer, and voila!  Caitlyn had created the campaign desk of her dreams!  This is the best of both worlds:  keeping your old furniture and getting the new look you wanted at the same time.



Get more information on the hardware Caitlyn used to restyle her desk at Desert Domicile.

Old Books Make a Pretty Planter

Over at Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna came up with a creative way to display a succulent plant.  “What better place for a succulent to live than in between the pages of a book?” she asks.


For this project, Jenna used some books that she didn’t care about, since she was planning to cut them up a bit.  She cut circles out of each book to fit the size of the pot that holds her plant.  To prevent the books from absorbing moisture from the plant and getting moldy, Jenna sealed them off with decoupage glue.  She glued the books together in a stack, and placed the potted plant down inside.  That looks awesome!


Find the tutorial for this DIY succulent book planter at Rain on a Tin Roof.

Family Entryway Locker System

At Vintage Charm Restored, Lori really needed a way to corral her family’s belongings right where they go in and out:  the entryway.  The locker systems she spotted in catalogs were just too pricey, so Lori came up with a way to custom design a system, using completely repurposed supplies.cut-up-chairs

Some of the items that she used to put together her entryway storage included old chairs, salvaged doors, and leftover wood from other projects.  Lori painted and stained all the different finishes so that they would look more cohesive.  She added pretty cushions and a burlap ruffle around the bench to dress it up a bit.  Lori’s DIYed locker system really fits the style of her

Get all the details and a full tutorial on how this locker system was put together at Vintage Charm Restored.

From Lampshade to Basket

“This lampshade originally came with a vintage lamp I picked up at the Goodwill,” explains Carrie at Lovely Etc.  “The lamp got a quick makeover and a new, updated shade…and the shade got torn apart. ”  She ended up saving the wire frame of the shade.  Recently, she realized that it could be repurposed into a basket.



To turn the old lampshade into a basket, Carrie needed to strip what fabric was left off of the wire frame.  Next, she wrapped chicken wire around the frame, using  pliers to bend the wire around so that there were no sharp pieces sticking out.  “I love it for holding blankets for fall.  But it is also pretty awesome for holding magazines or even firewood,” Carrie says.  Would you even guess that the new basket used to be a lampshade?


Follow Carrie’s detailed tutorial at Lovely Etc. to make a wire basket of your own.