Headboard from Old Closet Doors

“One of the perks of being in a construction-related business is that you can claim any discards from job-sites that might be re-purposed,” Marty tells us at Marty’s Musings.  That’s exactly how this old set of shutter-like closet doors came into her possession.  Marty has a great imagination.  When she looked at the doors, she could see a headboard!


To take these doors from the closet to the bed, Marty started by cutting the doors in half across the center brace.  She layered several shades of gray and white paint over the cut doors, to achieve just the shabby chic look of weathered paint that she had in mind.  She placed the two halves side by side against the wall behind her bed to create a headboard.  I love the look of this headboard and the way Marty styled it!


For a detailed tutorial of this project, visit Marty’s Musings.

Making Seashells Into Art

If you’ve ever come home from the beach with buckets full of seashells, then you can understand the dilemma of the beach comber:  you don’t want to throw away the shells you were so delighted to find, but what on earth can you do with all of them?  Well, lucky for you Kathy of Petticoat Junktion has an idea!


Kathy decided to turn her shell collection into art.  She used a weathered, reclaimed wood board as her canvas.  Next, Kathy used hot glue to attach some of her shells onto the board in a pretty floral shape.  A bit of rope glued beneath forms a stem and adds to the nautical feel of this piece.  It’s the perfect addition to her seashore themed vignette.


Visit Petticoat Junktion to read more about this seashell artwork.

Texas State Art from Scraps and Cardboard

I just love turning the 50 states into artwork!  This fun piece of art from Kristi at I Should Be Mopping the Floor not only features the state of Texas, it was made using several things that could have been tossed in the trash.  This is some pretty fine recycling!

state art template

Kristi started this art project with a piece of scrap wood left in the garage after some home improvement.  She turned it into a canvas by painting it with some pale aqua paint.  Next, Kristi rescued a cardboard box to turn her iPhone into an overhead projector so that she could project the state of Texas onto her aqua canvas–that’s how she made it look so good!  Once outlined, she filled in the state with red paint, then aged the whole piece with lots of sanding and stain.  It looks awesome!


Check out the tutorial for this DIY state art at I Should Be Mopping the Floor.

Clipboard from a Cutting Board

Jamie, who blogs at Anderson + Grant, collected quite a few old cutting boards for a recent project.  She had a couple left that she didn’t use.  What, exactly, does one do with extra wooden cutting boards?


Well, if you are Jamie, you hold onto them and wait for inspiration.  Inspiration struck when she discovered that she could purchase clipboard clips in the scrapbooking section of her local craft store.  Jamie gave each cutting board a coat of stain to add a little color and depth to the existing wood.  She glued on the clips and instantly had two sturdy clipboards!

Bread Board Clipboard

Get more details on this project (like a link for purchasing your own clips) at Anderson + Grant.

DIY Rustic Arrow

Scavenger Chic‘s Joan loves working with pallet wood so much that she started to panic as her stack of pallets dwindled.  Luckily, she found three pallets leaning up against a dumpster, so she was back in business!  Check out her latest pallet project.


This one happens to be a great way to use up the smaller cuts of pallet wood leftover from other projects.  Joan started by cutting out an arrow from plywood.  Next, she covered the arrow with her pallet scraps, trimming the edges to fit the shape of the arrow.  She added to the wood’s patina with a bit of paint.  To really make the arrow look finished, she painted PVC lattice to look like rusted metal, and wrapped it around the edges to frame the arrow.  It looks amazing!


See a picture tutorial of this project at Scavenger Chic.

DIY Rustic Basket

Jessica had kept this little wooden crate around for a while, knowing she could turn it into something cute.  When the original idea of making a crate full of succulents feel through, the coming Easter holiday inspired her to do something else.  She decided to switch it up from crate to a rustic basket, and blogged abut it at Live Randomly Simple.


To turn the crate into a basket, Jessica started by cutting a couple of thin pieces of wood from her scrap pile.  She stapled them, upright, onto either side of the crate.  Rusty wire strung between the two upright boards created the “handle” that turned this crate into a basket.  Next, Jessica made the finish on the wooden basket look even more rustic by applying a dark wax with steel wool.  The new basket looks so pretty filled with eggs!


Visit Live Randomly Simple to learn more about this project.

Repurposed Blocks Decorate for Two Holidays!

Over at Organized 31, Susan collects wooden game blocks.  (Think Jenga.)  She had plenty of her own, but she also accepts donations of more and hunts them down in thrift stores.  she’s found that they can be repurposed in many ways to create fun decor projects.


This particular project may be a little early…or late, depending on how you look at things….so just make sure you pin it for future use!  Susan simply glues two of the blocks together to form a larger rectangle.  Then, she decorates the front of each block with pretty paper, raffia,  and chipboard letters.  After making blocks that spelled “believe” for Christmas, Susan realized she was only one letter away from being able to spell “love”, as well, so she added that to the back of one of the blocks.  Now she has blocks for both Christmas and Valentine’s Day!


Find out more about this project at Organized 31.

Toothbrush Holder from the Wild Side

Here’s a quick and easy project for anyone who has access to animals.  That would be wood or plastic animals, not the real thing–you don’t want to drill holes in those!  Anyway, Betsy from Happily Ever After Etc. came up with this project, and while she purchased her animal from Amazon, you can find similar animals in toy bins and garage sales across America.  Look around–you might find one in your own house!


Betsy started this project by painting her wooden elephant white.  Next, she drilled a couple of holes big enough to fit a toothbrush into the back of her wooden elephant.  Once the holes were drilled, Betsy touched up the paint around them and just like that, she had an adorable new toothbrush holder for her bathroom!


Check out this project and others at Happily Ever After Etc.