Cabinet Door Headboard

After six years, Karen from Desert Chica Ramblings still found her master bedroom lacking a headboard. Her husband came up with a solution using a couple of cabinet doors he’d rescued before they ended up in the dumpster.

cabinet doors to headboard before

It really was as simple as adding supports to the back, and the headboard looks amazingly like one you’d purchase at a store. As Karen says, you really don’t need a headboard, “but it sure does make a difference!”

headboard from cabinet doors

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Door to Headboard

Tired of having just a metal bed frame pushed up against the wall in her master bedroom, Kristen from My Covered Bridge headed to her local reuse store to find something to turn into a headboard. That something ended up being an old door.

door to headboard before

All it took was the basic patching, sanding, and painting to transform the door into Kristen’s much-needed headboard. Like Kristen, I turned to a rescued door to solve my headboard woes and can attest to the fact that it makes a HUGE difference in a space. If you’ve got the time and sweat, I highly recommend it as an inexpensive headboard option!

door to headboard after

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Picket Fence Headboard

Karen from The Cottage Farmhouse was stalking strolling the neighborhood the night before trash pickup with her daughter in hopes of finding a diamond in the rough. Karen’s diamond came in the form of this large picket fence which she happily hauled home.

picket fence

Karen’s first instinct was to turn the fence into a headboard, and it just so happens she had a nephew who was needing just the thing. The repurposed headboard also doubles as a fun place to display hats!

picket fence headboard

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