It’s About Time, and Reclaimed Wood

“A few months ago I was riding bikes with my girls, and saw a neighbor down the street taking out a huge fence in order to replace it with a new one,” Lindsay begins the story of her latest rescue at Diary of a Crafty Lady.  “After riding back and forth a few times I got up the courage to talk to the neighbor, and found out that he was taking down a fence made of cedar, and was willing to give me several pieces of fence board!”


With all the possibilities of reclaimed wood projects before her, Lindsay decided this one should be….a clock.  She cut some of the wood down to form a square.  Lindsay burned numbers into the face of the clock.  She used scrap cedar to make a simple frame, then added hands to finish off the clock.  What a neat, rustic timepiece!  I love that it’s made of so many reclaimed items!

woodburned clock from reclaimed wood

Visit Diary of a Crafty Lady to see Lindsay’s tutorial for this project.


Stenciled Pallet Clock

You never know what someone is going to think of to make from a pallet, these days.  At Flamingo Toes, Bev made a really neat looking wall clock from one.

Flamingo Toes pallet before

There are several things I like about this project.  One is that Bev kept the pallet intact but cut it into the shape of a circle.  I’d never thought of doing that!  Another thing I like is that along with making the clock, Bev actually made her own stencil to decorate the face of this clock.  Her method is ingenious, and she offers a detailed tutorial on it.  The finished clock is beautiful, and I’m sure it will be a conversation piece.

Flamingo Toes pallet after

You can read all about how Bev made this clock from a pallet at Flamingo Toes.