A Lucky Find: Schoolhouse Chairs

“I saw some chairs by the curb as I was on a bike ride,” Laura shares at Live. Love. Scrap.  “My hubby picked them up for me.”  To her delight, the school house style chairs were sturdy and actually in pretty good shape.

Live Love Scrap chairs before

Since the chairs were in relatively good condition, no painting was required for this rescue.  A thorough cleaning, on the other hand, was necessary.  Once the chairs were washed, Laura took a sander to the chairs to give them the distressed finish that she loves.  Thrilled with the outcome, Laura asks, “Can you believe somebody just threw these away?”  Hooray for roadside finds!

Live Love Scrap chairs after

Find out more about these schoolhouse chairs at Live. Love. Scrap.

New Mirror from Old

Over at The House on Harrison, Larissa inherited a couple of builder-grade mirrors from friends who were remodeling their master bath.  Larissa was thrilled to receive the castaway mirrors, since she’d been longing for a Trumeau style mirror.

Larissa and her husband used plywood and trim leftover from other projects to make the frame for their new mirror.  Isn’t it stunning?  With all the gorgeous trim and thoughtful distressing, you’d never guess this was once a plain old bathroom mirror.

If you’d like to make a Trumeau mirror of your own, Larissa has provided a detailed tutorial at The House on Harrison.

Distressed Black Dresser

Charlene from Finally Doing What I Love went to a little auction on her town square one Saturday morning, and came home with several fun finds.  One of them was this cute dresser with curvy legs that she won for $10.

The piece was sturdy and came with the original mirror, but it did have a few issues that had to be addressed.  Charlene ended up stripping down the original veneer, which was a lot of work, but totally worthwhile once she saw how the dresser looked with a coat of Valspar’s Satin Black Enamel.  She also touched up the hardware with Rub & Buff in Antique Gold to really bring out the details.

Now the refinished dresser is sitting pretty in Charlene’s kitchen, offering extra storage and counter space.  For more details on this project, visit Finally Doing What I Love.