Refinished Chair

The Weathered Door chair before

When a family friend told Reeves they had some furniture in their garage they were going to get rid of, she went right over to take it off their hands.  Reeves, who blogs at The Weathered Door, took the unwanted furniture home and gave it some TLC.

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Glazed Dining Room Chairs

Brooke from All Things Thrifty’s husband really knows the way to her heart. He came home from a business trip with these two SOLID chairs with lovely shape and intricate detailing. Who needs chocolates and roses when you can have this? With these gorgeous chairs, Brooke was careful not to make a rash decision about {…Read More…}

Blue and Green Upholstered Dining Chairs

Tracy from Cotton Pickin Cute found a reason to embark on her very first reupholstery project – four dirty, stinky, just plain nasty chairs. But, hey, you can’t complain when they’re sitting free on the side of the road (and you really need some chairs for your game table). Tracy sanded these babies down to {…Read More…}