Rescued Chair Gets Restoration Restyle

Erin and Emily blog at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  The last time the sisters were together, Erin mentioned that she needed a chair for her new desk.  As luck would have it, Emily had recently rescued the perfect chair from the roadside, and was happy to pass it along to her sister.  As you can see, the chair was in decent condition, but the upholstery was not.


The first step in this chair redo was pulling off the original, stained upholstery and all the accompanying upholstery tacks.  Next, Erin sanded, primed, and painted the wood frame of the chair white.  Using the original fabric pieces as templates, she cut corresponding shapes from a canvas drop cloth, and used the canvas to recover the cushions.  Erin attached double welt cording to the rough edges of the upholstery to finish everything off.  It looks spectacular!


If you’d like to learn more about this makeover, click over to Elizabeth Joan Designs.

Giving Grandma’s Chair a New Look

This chair had been sitting in my mom’s basement for years,” Jann from Newton Custom Interiors tells us.  “It was originally part of my grandparent’s dining room set.”  With history like that, how could Jann not try to give it a second chance?


Jann decided that she really liked the chair’s original finish, so she was not going to cover that with paint.  Instead, she cleaned and polished the wood.  The old upholstery on the seat needed much more than cleaning, on the other hand, so Jann removed that and replaced it with pretty, new fabric.  This reupholstered chair is ready for the next generation!


Go to Newton Custom Interiors to watch Jann’s video tutorial for reupholstering a chair like this.

Chair of Pi

When one of her neighbors had a yard sale this summer, Paula spotted this chair.  She didn’t want to pay what they were asking, so she was thrilled when this chair ended up on the curb after the sale was over.  Paula shares the makeover she gave this chair at Sweet Pea.


Although her initial instinct was to paint the chair, after taking a good look at the wood Paula decided to sand off the old finish and let the beautiful wood show with a new coat of stain.  She plumped up the seat cushion with another layer of foam.  To personalize the chair, Paula stitched the sign for Pi onto the new upholstery.  She explains, “Since I have taught math, am the daughter of a math teacher, and have an engineer for a husband, Pi is my number of choice.”  How fun!


Click over to Sweet Pea to get all the details on how Paula gave this chair a new look.

Beat Up Dining Set Goes Glam

At Art is Beauty, Karin got a call from a relative saying another relative was clearing out all the old furniture in his basement.  She scored a couple of good freebies, and she also got this dining set that had seen better days.  The table and chairs were in such bad shape that Karin didn’t work on it right away.

Art is Beauty dining set before

“Much like Humpty Dumpty, I had to put them back together again,” Karin laughs.  “This ended up being a 4 chair set, because I need parts from 2 of the chairs to fix 4 of the chairs.”  After making structural repairs to chairs and table, the painting began.  She used three colors of CeCe Caldwell Chalk Paint to create a warm, weathered look for the tabletop.  For the chairs and the table base, Karin chose a creamy yellow color.  She recovered the seats with a pretty, new fabric.  You’d never guess now that this table was almost a throw-away!

Art is Beauty dining set after

Learn more about this dining set rescue at Art is Beauty.

Desk Chair Made Pretty Again

At The Happy Tulip, Amy confesses that she’d been without a desk chair for quite some time, and was hoping to find an inexpensive replacement.  When she drove past this wobbly little chair on the curbside, it was love at first sight–Amy knew she’d found her desk chair.

A fresh coat of paint and some pretty new upholstery did wonders to cheer up what was once a sad, sorry chair.  Since Amy used fabric and paint she already had on hand, making this chair pretty didn’t cost her a dime!  I love the simple, curvy lines of this chair, and I’m so thrilled that Amy had the imagination to see it’s lovely possibilities back when it was headed for the trash.

You can learn more about how Amy refinished this chair at The Happy Tulip.