Rescued Desk Finds a New Home and a New Look

“A little more than a month ago my mom called me to let me know she had found a small desk on the side of the road, and snagged it for me,” says Bekah at Country Mouse Tales.  “The first time I saw the desk it was sitting in her backyard, and I didn’t immediately have high hopes.”

Country Mouse Tales school desk before

Despite it’s rough shape, Bekah took the desk home and decided to see what she could do with it–without investing much.  She made a few repairs and sanded away years of scratches and stains from the desktop before staining it.  Bekah painted the rest of the desk with a sample jar of Valspar’s “Perfect Storm”.  To help the little hands at her house be better able to open the desk drawers, she added some simple rope handles.  The result of her low-budget efforts is an adorable desk for the playroom that looks like it’s worth much more than Bekah’s small investment.

Country Mouse Tales school desk after

Learn more about this rescued desk makeover at Country Mouse Tales.

Dumpster Desk Gets A Second Chance

Over  at Redoux Interiors, Karen says she found this desk on “One glorious morning of Dumpster Diving at my favorite Apartment Dumpsters spot.  The desk was SOLID wood, but had a very sad and abused top.”  Karen saw potential, and took it home.

Redoux Interiors desk before

Here’s a handy tip for fellow dumpster divers:  Karen points out that, despite the top being in terrible shape, this desk had a lot going for it.  “This was a rare find, solid wood, CHECK.  All Drawers present, CHECK, no broken or missing legs, CHECK,” she laughs.  Look for those things in a desk and you know it’s good.  After heavily sanding away the layers on top of the desk, Karen base coated the entire piece in CeCe Caldwell’s Virginia Chestnut.  She followed that with two coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Vintage White, topped with a tobacco brown tinted glaze of her own making.  New glass knobs were the final touch for this desk.  Doesn’t it look great sporting a shabby chic look?

Redoux Interiors desk after

Get all the details on this desk rescue at Redoux Interiors.

Pretty White Desk Makeover

At Amy Giggles Designs, Amy shares a furniture makeover project that she helped her parents with.  They started with a garage sale find desk that wasn’t in great shape.

Amy Giggles Designs desk before

The first step in this transformation was filling in all the holes and dents with wood filler, then sanding down the rough spots.  Amy and her dad used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to cover the original finish on this desk.  “It took three coats of white paint to get it to be this bright of white,” Amy confesses.   The finishing touch was updating the knobs.  It’s like a completely new piece of furniture, now!

Amy Giggles Designs desk after

Find out more about this makeover at Amy Giggles Designs.

Red Superhero Desk

Heather has been working on a superhero themed bedroom for her boys and is sharing projects over at Twin Dragonfly Designs.  This old desk, a garage sale find from several months ago, was just the right size for the boys’ room, but needed a bit of TLC, first.

Twin Dragonfly Designs red superhero desk after Twin Dragonfly Designs red superhero desk before

After a thorough sanding, Heather spray painted the desk in a Superman cape shade of red.  She made new drawer pulls that look like favorite superheros out of oven bake clay.  Aren’t they adorable?  It’s now the perfect spot for Heather’s own little superheroes to work on projects and homework.

Twin Dragonfly Designs red superhero desk after

Find out more about this project at Twin Dragonfly Designs.

Moroccan Stenciled Desk Makeover

At Savvy Young Something, Sarah bought a solid wood white desk on Craigslist shortly after moving into a new house.  She admitted that the desk needed a lot of work, but sat in her basement for about five months.  I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to let projects sit on the back burner sometimes!

savvy young something before

But the way Sarah transformed the desk was worth the wait.  Since the paint was flaking off, had drips from a spray paint attempt by the previous owner, and was totally uneven, Sarah sanded the desk down through those layers.  Then she painted it white and decided to stencil the top of the desk to give it an extra flair.  Sarah found a picture of a Moroccan pattern online, and used it to create a stencil out of a manila envelope.  She traced the pattern onto the desktop with pencil, then filled it in with lovely beet-colored paint.  New hardware was the finishing touch to give Sarah’s desk a bright new beginning!  Isn’t that stenciled Moroccan pattern exquisite?

savvy young something after

Find out how Sarah created her intricate stencil by visiting Savvy Young Something!

Rescued Desk and Chair Makeover

Susan of Sunflower Hugs tells us, “I found this desk listed for free on Craigslist.  It was from a storage unit facility that auctioned off an unpaid unit’s contents and no one wanted it.  Then I found a free chair driving home one day.”  Lucky!  Talk about the perfect combination.

Sunflower Hugs desk after Sunflower Hugs desk and chair before

Since she checks the hardware store on a regular basis for “oops” paint, Susan already had the perfect shad of turquoise on hand.  She mixed up a batch of chalk paint, and covered both desk and chair with new paint.  Flea market knobs and a new seat cushion made from a bandana complete the look of this set.  Talk about a total transformation!

Sunflower Hugs desk after

Visit Sunflower Hugs to get more details on this makeover.

Gray and White Desk

Faye from MacGIRLver got this desk several years ago from her husband’s cousin. It had been acting as a TV stand in her rec room until Faye decided it couldn’t hide from her paint brush any longer and pulled the desk out for a makeover.

youth sized desk before

She was inspired to give the desk a “tuxedo” look with a contrast of dark gray and white paint. I love how she even blinged out the knobs a little by embellishing them with jewelry pieces. What a fabulous upcycle!

grey and white painted desk

See more of Faye’s desk at MacGIRLver.

Desk Becomes Kitchen Island

At DeeConstructed, Deanna had been asked by a friend to keep an eye out for something he could use as an island in his kitchen.  She found this desk on the curb on trash day, and decided that with a little effort, she might be able to transform it into a kitchen island.

A fresh coat of paint and a slab of butcher block did the trick.  For a very low cost, Deanna was able to give her friend a fantastic island for his bachelor pad kitchen.  I think Deanna did a great job reimagining the possibilities for this little student desk, don’t you?

There’s a detailed tutorial for making this kitchen island from a desk at DeeConstructed.