Old Jeans to Fashionable Skirt

Over at Mabey She Made It, Lisa had a pair of jeans that she wasn't getting much use out of, anymore. "They looked good on me, but the rise was just too low for me to be comfortable in," she tells us. Time for a refashion! (FYI, Lisa didn't have a before picture, so her jeans were similar to the ones pictured below.)

From Pocket to Purse

Denim is such a durable material.  Usually the knees in my jeans wear out faster than any other part of them--the waistband, pockets, and hems last forever!  Laura from Laura Kelly's Inklings took advantage of this durability in this cute refashioning project. denim-jeans-pocket

Jean Skirt Gets a Comfy Refashion

For Amy Jo of The Little Moments, comfort is key when it comes to selecting her clothes for the day.  So, until she refashioned this denim skirt, she just wasn't wearing it much.  While the skirt fit, the waistband had some issues that just bothered her every time she wore it. jean-skirt-before