USA Map from Fabric Remnants

Oh say can you sew! Amanda at Mommy is Coocoo had a huge bag of fabric remnants and hit on a fabulously patriotic way to display them–she made a map of the USA!

fabric-remnantsAmanda bought a United States map and used it as a template for tracing and cutting out the states. She used Wonder-Under to get the states in place and then hand-sewed (and sewed, and sewed, and sewed) around each state. Amanda is super pleased with the results and says, “Although it’s a lot of work, a fabric map is a great way to use up your fabric remnants!” I agree, it looks awesome!

fabric-remnant-map-USA To see the full tutorial (and video) visit Mommy is Coocoo.

Antique Couch Becomes a Deconstructed Bench

“The 100+ year old couch had a lovely life but had resided in an airplane hanger for sometime,” Amanda says at Mommy Is Coocoo.  Appreciating the sturdy frame and funk claw feet, she took it home and turned it into a bench for her boys’ bedroom.


Inspired by Restoration Hardware’s Napoleon upholstered ottoman, Amanda started the makeover with some serious deconstruction.  She pulled away all of the upholstery along with the back and arms.  A new frame for the seat got topped with a new foam cushion covered in denim.  Amanda kept the frame as it was, without upholstery, so that it gives off a cool industrial vibe.  She tells us, “It is a great spot for reading but it is also big enough to be used as a third bed.”  How versatile!


Visit Mommy Is Coocoo for more information about this makeover.

Upcycle Your Jeans Into Handy Buckets

Here’s a fun upcycling project from Curly Made.  Daniela turned her old jeans into buckets.  Yep, you read that right: BUCKETS.

cut off jeans

This rescue gets bonus points, because not only did it make use of an old pair of jeans, it actually made use of the bottom half of a pair of jeans, since Daniela had already turned the top half of those jeans into shorts.  She simply folded a cuff on one end and folded material inside on the other end of each leg of the former jeans, producing two fabric buckets.  The little buckets are just the right size for small office supplies or cosmetics.  And best of all, Daniela has a video tutorial to explain the process.

recycled denim bucket

Make sure you visit Curly Made to learn how to make these jeans turned no-sew storage containers.

Old Flannel and Blue Jeans for Fall Decor

I love this wreath made by Desiree of The 36th Avenue.  Not only is it a lovely piece of Autumn decor, it’s made from upcycled materials!


For this wreath, Desiree made use of some articles of clothing:  an old pair of jeans and some flannel.  (You could cut up a flannel shirt or purchase flannel at the fabric store if you don’t have a shirt on hand.)  She cut the flannel into strips and wrapped it around her wreath form.  She cut the back pocket off of the jeans and attached that to the wreath.  Desiree also cut off the waistband of the jeans and–keeping it buttoned–used it to hang the wreath.  Some dried fall flowers and greenery tucked into the pocket complete the fall wreath.


Visit The 36th Avenue to view a tutorial for this upcycled Fall wreath.

Old Jeans to Fashionable Skirt

Over at Mabey She Made It, Lisa had a pair of jeans that she wasn’t getting much use out of, anymore.  “They looked good on me, but the rise was just too low for me to be comfortable in,” she tells us.  Time for a refashion!  (FYI, Lisa didn’t have a before picture, so her jeans were similar to the ones pictured below.)


Since she didn’t already own a denim skirt, that was the direction Lisa headed with this refashion.  She knew a skirt would solve the problem of the low-rise.  Instead of ripping the seams of her jeans out, she cut the jeans along the seam lines.  That way she could incorporate the seams in the skirt design.  She added a panel to the front of the jeans.  Instead of hemming the skirt, she allowed the edges to fray slightly.  Doesn’t it look great on her?


Click over to Mabey She Made It to find out more about how Lisa turned a pair of jeans into a skirt.

From the Closet to the Table

Over at her blog, Joyful Daisy, Amy came up with a cute (and useful) way to reuse old pairs of jeans.  She created durable placemats!


For this project, Amy collected some of the old pairs of denim jeans at her house.  She did a bit of deconstructing, so that she’d be able to use the pockets and some of the larger pieces of denim.  Amy used scraps of fabric from her stash to supplement the worn denim in putting together the placemats.  She added embroidery and other embellishments to the old jeans’ pockets, before sewing them onto the placemats to serve as utensil holders.  These will be perfect for summertime picnics!


Visit Joyful Daisy for a tutorial on making placemats from old jeans.

From Pocket to Purse

Denim is such a durable material.  Usually the knees in my jeans wear out faster than any other part of them–the waistband, pockets, and hems last forever!  Laura from Laura Kelly’s Inklings took advantage of this durability in this cute refashioning project.


Laura basically turned a pocket from an old pair of jeans into a coin purse.  She simply cut the pocket out of the back of the jeans, flap and all.  She embellished it with buttons from her own collection and some embroidery thread.  It’s a cute and easy project that would be perfect for making with kids during Spring Break, this year!


Go to Laura Kelly’s Inklings to learn more about this upcyling project.

Jean Skirt Gets a Comfy Refashion

For Amy Jo of The Little Moments, comfort is key when it comes to selecting her clothes for the day.  So, until she refashioned this denim skirt, she just wasn’t wearing it much.  While the skirt fit, the waistband had some issues that just bothered her every time she wore it.


Time for a refashion!  Amy Jo decided to get rid of the offending waistband completely.  She used her seam ripper to pull it off of the rest of the skirt.  In it’s place, she sewed a wide elastic lace edge from a worn out cami.  “The band is sewn on at the top and the bottom of the lace so it will stay put.  It looks like I’m layering shirts, but it’s really the skirt!” Amy Jo explains.  As a bonus, she refashioned the former denim waistband into a cute floral belt.  Now shew has two comfy wardrobe pieces!


Click over to The Little Moments to find out more about this refashioned jean skirt.