Which Way Did This Dresser Makeover Go?

Well, it’s easy to figure that out, because this dresser is full of maps!  Karen from The Salvaged Boutique rescued this dresser from the curbside on garbage day.  Although it had sustained some minor damage, she knew that it could be repaired and restyled.


After repairing one dresser drawer, Karen applied a couple coats of chalk paint and distressed the paint a bit.  She lined the drawers and decoupaged street maps onto the sides of the drawers. “In order to save on hardware, which can get expensive, I decoupaged wooden knobs with street maps too!” Karen tells us.  I love that shade of turquoise!


Get details on the full makeover at The Salvaged Boutique.

Cardboard Box Storage Makeover

At Redo It Yourself Inspirations, Robin came up with a way to turn cardboard boxes into a useful and beautiful storage option.  Looking for something to act as “drawers” in a small shelf she was redoing, Robin was struck by the fact that a few of the cardboard boxes she had lying around were the perfect size.


Who wants to display ratty old boxes on their freshly painted shelves, though?  Not Robin!  She cut off the flaps of the boxes, and hid their homely status by decoupaging them with torn paper bags.  Once dried, this gave them a look very similar to aged leather.  To continue the transformation, Robin cut up an old leather belt and used it to make pretty handles for her new “drawers”.  What a cheap and easy way to turn cardboard boxes into useful storage!


Click over to Redo It Yourself Inspirations to find out more about this project.

Refreshed Kitchen Mat

“Our kitchen mat has been looking a little shabby lately. It’s been spilled on countless times by all of us, and gets a ton of foot traffic all day long,” laments Amanda at Dwelling in Happiness.  Before giving up on the mat, she decided to try to freshen it up a bit.


Amanda decided to cover the mat with fabric she’d found in the clearance bin.  After considering the options, she figured that decoupage glue would be the best way to attache the new fabric to the old mat.  Sure enough, the experiment was a success!   The once dingy mat has a brand-new look!


Get directions for covering a mat like this one with fabric at Dwelling in Happiness.

A Christmas Gingerbread Village from Recycled Containers

“Gingerbread houses are fun, but all too often are temporary because they are made from actual gingerbread, icing and candies. I wanted a Christmas village made up of gingerbread houses, but one I could bring out each year,” Amanda explains on her blog, Crafts by Amanda.  Her solution for keeping her gingerbread village fresh was to skip the cookies and go straight for the milk–she started saving milk and juice cartons!


This project cost Amanda nothing–you read that right, $0.  Along with the cartons she saved for this project, all of the other materials were craft supplies and items that Amanda already had.  I’m not going to give all of Amanda’s tricks away–you are going to have to click over to her blog to see how she created the faux gingerbread texture and “frosting.”  But I will tell you that most of the colorful “candy” that she used was actually buttons!  This has to be one of the most adorable gingerbread villages I’ve ever seen!


Like I said, make sure you visit Crafts by Amanda to get the “recipe” for Amanda’s faux gingerbread.

Mismatched Cabinets Get a Little Love

At Thrift Craft Love, Jess has been working on fixing up a craft room for herself.  “I wanted to save some old metal cabinets that had been in my parents basement for more than 30 years,” she tells us, and decided that she’d incorporate them into her craft room.  While they offered terrific storage potential, the cabinets were pretty beat up, and completely mismatched!


It took a bit of work to get these cabinets ready to go.  Since the cabinet bases were almost completely rusted out, Jess’s dad helped her to build wood bases for them to sit upon.  Jess painted each of the doors and drawers in a different, bright color.  The cabinets had no countertop, so she made one from an OSB panel leftover from another panel, decoupaging it with the pages of a book that had illustrations in coordinating bright colors.  The result is lots of storage in really fun colors!


Make sure you visit Thrift Craft Love to find out more about this cabinet makeover.

Plastic Container Craft Project

Sometimes you just have to be crafty.  Here’s a cute little upcycling project for one of those times.  It would be a terrific rainy day project for kids, too.  Sherri from About Family Crafts issued a challenge to her friends to upcycle a plastic food container, and this is how she participated in that challenge.  Her container of choice once held margarine.


After thoroughly washing the margarine container, Sherri gathered scraps of blue fabric.  She used decoupage glue to completely cover the container with blue fabric.  Sherri glued blue chenille pipe cleaners onto the container to serve as legs and antennae.  A pair of googly eyes completed the project:  it’s a blue crab!  Super cute.


You can visit About Family Crafts to find out more about this craft project with upcycled materials.

Cigar Boxes Turned Craft Storage

“A friend of mine dropped by one day with a pile of these cigar boxes that she picked up for me,” Susan tells us at Organized 31.  The friend was confident that Susan could do something with them, and she loved the way they opened.  Susan’s friend also confessed that the tray inside meant to hold cigars was perfect for storing beads.


With that in mind, Susan set out to repurpose the cigar boxes into craft storage for her friend.  “The yellow paper on the box is so pretty that I opted for just covering the center label on the box,” Susan explains.  She used decorative paper and decoupage glue to cover up labels or stickers that she couldn’t remove on the box.  Here’s a handy tip from Susan:  “If you don’t have friends that pass items to repurpose along to you, but have a cigar store in your area, try dropping in and asking if they have any leftover boxes.  Often the stores just throw those boxes away and are happy to give them to you for free or a small charge.”  Awesome!


Click over to Organized 31 to learn more about these repurposed cigar boxes.

Mad Men Inspired Dresser Makeover

At Refunk My Junk, Alli wasn’t so sure about the heavy-duty dresser with an wheat motif…..but it’s hard to turn down free stuff!  It sat in her garage for a few months until some inspiration came in the way of Don Draper and Company.


Alli started the makeover by filling in the wheat engravings with wood putty.  She painted it a dark, charcoal gray with chalk paint.  Alli discovered this shelf liner with a mid century mod flair on Ebay, and decided to decoupage it onto the dresser.  New, geometric knobs spray painted gold complete the makeover.  Wow!


Visit Refunk My Junk to get all the details on this fabulous dresser makeover.