I Restore Stuff old skateboard

Skateboard Wall Art

"When my 16 year old son asked if he could borrow my sander, I had to check out what he was up to," says Sharon from I Restore Stuff.  She was delighted to discover that he had independently decided to turn an old skateboard into a work of art for his room. I Restore Stuff old skateboard
Suburble rusty bench

Rusted Bench Gets a Second Chance

"Once upon a time, this was a beautiful bench," says Tara at Suburble.  "I was pretty thrilled to have found it in a sale at a local decor store. I packed it up, brought it home...and let Mother Nature wreak havoc on it for years."  She was almost ready to put this baby in the scrap bin, but an opportunity to test some new paint changed her mind. Suburble rusty bench
Creatively Living simple dresser

Hand Me Down Dresser Gets a Two Tone Makeover

When Katie of Creatively Living moved into a new home, her mother in law gifted her with several older dressers.  One day, Katie realized that one of those dressers would fit perfectly in her entryway, providing a good storage spot for gloves, hats, etc.  It just needed some sprucing up to be worthy of being the first thing people saw when they opened the door. Creatively Living simple dresser
The Cards We Drew pink paint swatch cards

Paint Swatch Heart Art

Guys, you know all of those paint swatch cards you have kicking around from trying to choose paint for various projects?  Or that you can't help picking up every time you walk past the paint display at your local hardware store.  (Not that I'd know about that, ahem.)  Well, Abbey has a great way for you to get some use out of those swatches, over at The Cards We Drew. The Cards We Drew pink paint swatch cards