Lake Girl Paints chalkboard before

Old Art Print to Chalkboard Art

At her blog Lake Girl Paints, Deb shares a project that is perfect for the beginning of summer.   Her friend wanted a "summer bucket list" chalkboard like one featured in an HGTV magazine.  A framed but outdated art print was all Deb needed to make it a reality. Lake Girl Paints chalkboard before
A Stylish Interior lamp before

Stylish Lamp Makeover

Karen blogs at A Stylish Interior.  She explains, "This old lamp was a Home Depot purchase from 10 years ago.  I have never really liked it, but it provided the right light and followed me from house to house.  It was one of those things that I've been wanting to replace for a long time, but never got around to it." A Stylish Interior lamp before
House by Hoff dip containers before

Dip Containers to Drawer Organizers

Over at House by Hoff, April tells us, "The other night I was emptying out our refrigerator and throwing out the "yucky stuff".  I was about to throw away these four little dip containers, but I paused, examined them closer, and realized that they were kinda cute.  I had no idea what I would use them for, but an idea emerged soon enough!" House by Hoff dip containers before
Restoration Redoux table before

Pretty Yellow Table

Shanna of Restoration Redoux has another amazing transformation to share.  This one started with an interesting table she found that was in really bad shape.  It was filthy and wobbly, but had a carved and painted top that almost looked like something you'd hang on the wall. Restoration Redoux table before
The Happy Housie colander before

Old Colander Becomes a Planter

Krista of The Happy Housie pulled this old colander out of the free pile at her friend's garage sale.  "She told me that she had used it in her garden and that got my ol’ wheels spinning," Krista said.  "I was planning to tackle the deck this weekend so I thought that it had great potential as a little planter for some Hens ’n’ Chicks that I wanted to repot." The Happy Housie colander before

Frumpy Art to Fun Art

Over at 3 Little Greenwoods, Ashley had an old piece of art with a "Little House on the Prairie" vibe that just wasn't the feeling she wanted to convey in her home.  Inspired by a funky pillow that she saw on Pinterest, Ashley decided to make her own art, using the old canvas. SONY DSC
Sparrow's Haven barnwood before

Occasional Table from Old Barn Wood

Oksana of A Sparrow's Haven is an oil painter.  She'd been scouting for the perfect weathered barn to paint, and thought she'd found just the right one.  But when she went back to the site with her paints, the barn was gone!  Unfortunately for Okasana's painting, the barn had been bulldozed.  Fortunately for her home decor needs, the farmer told her she could take away some of the wood. Sparrow's Haven barnwood before
Pickles chair before

Rocking Chair Redo

Over at Pickles In My Tea & In My Soup, Beth was checking the Freecycle listings when she found something that caught her eye.  "It was a free rocking chair and all the ad said was that it was in 'good condition' and there was no picture," she shares. Pickles chair before