Hanging the Stockings Upon Old Cupboard Doors

Junque Chic 5 cupboard door before

When Amy’s brother found a free Craigslist listing of cupboard doors, she had no idea what she’d do with all of them.  “I liked the hardware on them and figured why not get them for that alone!” she says at her blog, Junque Chic.

Junque Chic 5 cupboard door before

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Time Zone Clock

Inspiration Cafe clock before

Sherry of Inspiration Cafe had been thinking about a craft project involving clocks for a while, but the clock -works available at the hobby store were pricey.  While browsing Goodwill one day, she spotted a  pile of little alarm clocks that were Target overstocks.  At a quarter of the price of the other clock kits she’d seen, Sherry grabbed a few.

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Harvest Sign from Cabinet Door

Dirt Stains and Paint cabinet door before

Ashley from Dirt Stains and Paint scored a whole pile of cabinet doors that were advertised for FREE on Craigslist.  She loved the lines and narrow size of this door, and new she could turn it into something fun.

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Cabinet Door Art

free cabinets

Karin from Art Is Beauty scored several old cabinet doors for free off Craigslist. She hadn’t a clue what she was going to do with them but her creative intuition definitely kicked in as she started prepping them. As Karin was coating the cabinets with various colors of homemade chalk paint, she decided the cabinets {…Read More…}

French Road Signs

Don’t you just love it when you see something you love and then realize you can easily make it yourself? And for FREE no less! That’s exactly what happened with Karin from Art Is Beauty and these old cabinet doors. Karin had an “AHA!” moment when she realized that these doors from her collection of {…Read More…}

Cabinet Door Chalkboard

Many of you shared your love for the chalkboards Gail from My Repurposed Life made from old drawers. Well, Gail shares another creative DIY chalkboard project that repurposes paned cabinet doors. Gail backed her glassless cupboard doors with thin plywood that she had painted with multiple coats of magnetic and chalkboard paints. Next she added {…Read More…}