Pretty Things from Garbage

“I like to use up every bit of “otherwise-trash” that I possibly can,” confesses Gwen on her blog, You Can Call Me Gwen.  She goes on to explain, “This project uses plastic water bottle caps, small pieces of fabric, and leftover bits of embroidery thread and ribbon which may otherwise have been part of a landfill.”



So, what exactly did Gwen create?  Well, she enjoys having small bowls filled with pretty things to put out in her house, occasionally.  She turned the items listed above into something pretty and colorful for display:  fabric rings!  Bonus, these sweet little rings can double as pincushions.  Wouldn’t those be fun to display in a sewing or craft room?


Get the tutorial for this craft at You Can Call Me Gwen.

Upcycled Crayon Organizer

Here’s a super fun upcycling project from Melissa Moore.  She made this crayon organizer for a church classroom using empty aluminum cans that she’d been saving.


For this project, Melissa started by removing the labels from the metal food cans.  She painted a 1×6 board white, then spray painted each of the cans a bright color  that corresponded with one of the main crayon colors.  Once all of the paint had dried, Melissa used screws to attach each of the cans to the board.  I’m sure the crayon organizer works great at church, and I bet this would make a fantastic teacher gift, too.


Visit Melissa Moore to get more details on this upcycled can project.

Mismatched Cabinets Get a Little Love

At Thrift Craft Love, Jess has been working on fixing up a craft room for herself.  “I wanted to save some old metal cabinets that had been in my parents basement for more than 30 years,” she tells us, and decided that she’d incorporate them into her craft room.  While they offered terrific storage potential, the cabinets were pretty beat up, and completely mismatched!


It took a bit of work to get these cabinets ready to go.  Since the cabinet bases were almost completely rusted out, Jess’s dad helped her to build wood bases for them to sit upon.  Jess painted each of the doors and drawers in a different, bright color.  The cabinets had no countertop, so she made one from an OSB panel leftover from another panel, decoupaging it with the pages of a book that had illustrations in coordinating bright colors.  The result is lots of storage in really fun colors!


Make sure you visit Thrift Craft Love to find out more about this cabinet makeover.

Soda Bottle String Dispenser

Over at Peaceful Planet, Nancy has come up with lots of ways to reuse soda bottles.  One of her latest turns an empty plastic bottle into a handy tool for the craft room or studio:  a string dispenser!


To turn a soda bottle into a string dispenser, Nancy cut a flap or “door” into the lower portion of one side of a bottle.  It was just big enough to fit a ball of string inside.  She fed the string out of the top of the bottle through a small hole drilled into the lid–super handy.  But a little bling doesn’t hurt hard working upcycling projects, so Nancy proceeded to decorate the bottle with ribbons and floral embellishments so that it would blend seamlessly into her craft space.


Get more information on this and other soda bottle upcycling projects at Peaceful Planet.

Craft Room Storage Gets Restyled

When Michelle from Delicate Construction first installed these dressers in her craft room, she was more concerned about their storage capacity than they way they looked.  Originally simple wood dressers from Ikea, Michelle had painted them white and called it a day.


The thing about DIYers, though, is that their style and ideas are always evolving!  In Michelle’s case, she decided that these dressers needed a little dressing up.  She repainted them, this time in a soft blue shade.  She spray painted the knobs gold and reattached them to the drawer fronts.  Michelle also used her craft cutting machine to make labels for each drawer out of white vinyl.  Don’t the refabbed dressers look great?


Click over to Delicate Construction to get all the details on this project, including the paint color that Michelle used.

Hanging Storage from Upcycled Containers

Over at Make It and Love It, Ashley came up with a fantastic storage solution for her craft room.  Space in crafting areas is always at a premium, so her hanging storage from upcycled containers is genius!


For this project, Ashley used empty cleaning wipes containers that are shaped like cylinders.  After removing the labels, she cut the containers so that they could serve as open baskets with simple handles.  She cut and painted boards and attached knobs to them.  The baskets hang from the knobs, creating perfect storage on her wall.  Awesome!


Go to Make It and Love It for detailed instructions on making containers like these for your own home.

Gang Tagged Dresser Gets a New Look

Well, I have to say, I think this is the first gang-related rescue I’ve ever featured.  Ha!  Candice of The ReFab Diaries found this gang-tagged dresser outside her Chicago apartment building.  In need of an inexpensive storage solution for the craft room she was making, she brought it in from off the street.


“I was oddly thrilled by the idea of painting over those tags,” Candice admits.  Using heavy duty latex paint left over from painting laminate cabinets, she completely covered all the scars, marks, and tags with fresh white.  She upcycled a leather strap into new drawer pulls for the three existing drawers.  Since the other drawers were missing, Candice made a colorful curtain out of some old fabric samples.  The result is the perfect solution for her craft room storage!


Find out more about this rescued dresser at The ReFab Diaries.

Using Yardsticks to Get Organized

Over at Lovely Little Life, Hannah’s parents gave her some items to add to a recent garage sale.  “When I saw several bright red yardsticks in a pile of their “junk” I immediately snagged them for myself.  They were beautiful to me and I knew I could give them new life,” she said.

Red Yardsticks

Since Hannah has been working on organizing her craft room, she decided to use the yardsticks in that space.  She decided to create a small box with them to organize some of her craft supplies.  Hannah claims that putting together the box was easy, and notes that it would make a fun gift for a teacher.  I agree–it’s adorable!Lovely Little Life yardstick box

Learn how she put the box together at Lovely Little Life.