Lovely Little Life painted birdhouse before

Coral Painted Birdhouse

Hannah from Lovely Little Life has a funny story about how she acquired this birdhouse.  "It was my mom's,  and when she moved it went in the yard sale pile,"  she explains.  "As a joke, my father-in-law put it out in front of my house to see if I would notice, ha ha!"  I left it there out of pure laziness, but after awhile it started to grow on me--eventually it called my name." Lovely Little Life painted birdhouse before
Thrifty Treasures bench before

Piano Bench Makeover

Sara from Thrifty Treasures had a piano bench that had seen better days.  She also had a sample can of paint in a bright coral color that she was interested in using.  Since Sara usually gravitates towards softer colors, she wanted to try that bright coral on something small, first.  The old piano bench was a perfect opportunity. Thrifty Treasures bench before
A shade of teal chalkboard before

Chalkboard Makeover

Katy from A Shade of Teal found this sturdy wood piece at a yardsale.  It wasn't exactly clear what it was--empty picture frame?  headboard?--but under the 80's tole painting job it had great lines and detail.  Katy thought it would make a terrific chalkboard.