Rustic Industrial Coffee Table from a Throway


Once up on time, after Dena of Hearts & Sharts had been visiting a friend, her friend asked, “Hey, do you want this crappy table?” Dena hesitated, then decided the sturdy but stained table might be perfect for turning into an upholstered ottoman someday, so took it home to sit in her garage.

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From Doomed Dresser to Side Table


Jessica is sharing a fast and dirty side table project at Live Randomly Simple. While scoping out a soon-to-be-demolished house, she found an antique dresser with beautiful drawers that were “dingy, dirty, scratched and long forgotten about.” The drawers escaped the wrecking ball and came home with her.

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Dresser to Coffee Table Transformation


Over at Lake Girl Paints, Deb has been working some furniture makeover magic. It all started with a dresser passed down from Grandma.

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A Forgotten Piano Bench Sings as a Coffee Table


Debbie at Painted Therapy learned a valuable lesson the hard way: “never put wheels on tables; kids will always use them as trains.”  After the untimely derailment of her train coffee table, Debbie went searching in the garage for a replacement. She turned this hand-me-down piano bench into a (stationary) coffee table of beauty!

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Table Left Behind Gets Renewed


Marie blogs at Fort Ledbetter.  She had a tufted ottoman in her living room, which was great….until her kids started picking at the buttons!  “We had an old coffee table in the basement from where we moved that I thought would be more kid friendly, but needed a serious makeover, first,” she says.   Marie {…Read More…}

Coffee Table Redo

Lolly Jane coffee table before

At Lolly Jane, Kelli reveals that all her neighbors know just how much she loves “junk”.  They call her when they have stuff to get rid of, and that’s how Kelli acquired this heavy-duty coffee table top.

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Trashed and Tossed Table Gets a Chic Second Chance


Karen of The Salvaged Boutique tells us, “Trolling the neighborhood on one of our tree lawn treasure hunts we came across a pathetic but gorgeous table.” It was in really bad shape, but Karen was charmed by the chippy paint and lovely lines.

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Rescuing a Pottery Barn Piece from the Gutter


“I do my best shopping while I’m jogging through my neighborhood, apparently,” laughs Holly of McCall Manor.  “This beauty was sitting in the gutter.”  And guess what?  It was a Pottery Barn Kids farmhouse table.


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