From Doomed Dresser to Side Table

Jessica is sharing a fast and dirty side table project at Live Randomly Simple. While scoping out a soon-to-be-demolished house, she found an antique dresser with beautiful drawers that were "dingy, dirty, scratched and long forgotten about." The drawers escaped the wrecking ball and came home with her.
Lolly Jane coffee table before

Coffee Table Redo

At Lolly Jane, Kelli reveals that all her neighbors know just how much she loves "junk".  They call her when they have stuff to get rid of, and that's how Kelli acquired this heavy-duty coffee table top.

The Vintage Estate coffee table before

Union Jack Coffee Table Makeover

Aimee blogs at The Vintage Estate.  She says, "I agreed to take this table sight unseen through Freecycle...I had no idea how hideous it was going to be!"  The table needed a makeover in a big way, so Aimee decided she had nothing to lose, so she'd try something dramatic. The Vintage Estate coffee table before
Toad Turned Prince coffee table before

Coffee Table Stenciled Makeover

Melissa blogs at Toad Turned Prince.  She tells us, "I was driving down the street and happened to glance over and see this sad sad coffee table sitting next to a dumpster. I did a U-turn in the middle of the street and headed that way. When I got there, I could see that it had good bones, but just needed some TLC." Toad Turned Prince coffee table before