Jewelry Armoire Becomes Coffee Bar

Phylicia from Hearts & Crafts Boutique tells us, “Once upon a time, a glistening box from the side of the road caught my eye.  It turned out to be an old, out-dated, hasn’t seen Windex is many years, icky, dirty, jewelry armoire.  I didn’t need a jewelry armoire, but I had dreams of how I could transform it.”

Hearts n Crafts Boutique jewelry case before

The first step was cleaning it up.  Phylicia had to really scrub.  She updated the interior with clever tricks like covering the chipped glass shelves with chevron duct tape.  (Smart!)  Phylicia completed the project with a few cute accessories and a full complement of coffee making supplies.  Now she has a glam coffee bar.

Hearts n Crafts Boutique jewelry case after

You can read more about this transformation at Hearts & Crafts Boutique.