Reclaimed Wood and Faucet Coat Rack

I have such an adorable project to show you, today! Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow saw a faucet coat rack being sold online, but when she tried to purchase it was no longer available. Instead, she made her own, using a former piece of fence wood and some old outdoor faucet handles.
The Weekend Country Girl dresser before

Dresser to Mudroom Bench

At The Weekend Country Girl, Karen says that when she found this dresser on the roadside waiting for heavy trash day, it was in pretty bad shape.  But it had good bones:  solid wood and dovetailed drawers, so she convinced her husband to help her get it home. The Weekend Country Girl dresser before

Window Hat Rack

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue loves to incorporate old windows into her home décor. If you’ve been itching to get your hands on an old window of your own, Shari suggests checking out “vintage stores, Habitat ReStores, Craigslist  and your local recycling center.” Using-An-Old-Window-In-Home-Decor_thumb
Shona Skye Creations deck wood before

Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

At Shona Skye Creations, Kristy had some old wood that had been removed from her deck.  She'd saved it from the dumpster, hoping to be able to use it for a project someday.  Someday arrived, when Kristy was eyeing the big, empty wall in her bedroom and thought of a way to use that space. Shona Skye Creations deck wood before