Reclaimed Wood Coat Rack

Shona Skye Creations deck wood before

At Shona Skye Creations, Kristy had some old wood that had been removed from her deck.  She’d saved it from the dumpster, hoping to be able to use it for a project someday.  Someday arrived, when Kristy was eyeing the big, empty wall in her bedroom and thought of a way to use that space.

Shona Skye Creations deck wood before

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Big Screen Portable Closet

Athena from The Stuff of Success had a humongo projection screen television measuring 50 inches tall and 45 inches wide just waiting to be put to good use. Hmmm… but what to do with such a beast? Athena had a special plan in store for it. After gutting the beast, Athena put her plan into {…Read More…}