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Refashioned Athletic Tee Has Spirit!

Bonnie's daughter wanted to cheer on her brother's football team on a hot day, but her only piece of school spirit was a baggy, thick boy's t-shirt. Not to worry--Bonnie quickly (like, in 15 minutes) refashioned the shirt into a stylish, breathable pillowcase top. At Uncommon Designs, she's sharing this "great way for you soccer, baseball, and football girls to lighten up those heavy shirts and still show your team spirit!"

Old Jeans to Fashionable Skirt

Over at Mabey She Made It, Lisa had a pair of jeans that she wasn't getting much use out of, anymore. "They looked good on me, but the rise was just too low for me to be comfortable in," she tells us. Time for a refashion! (FYI, Lisa didn't have a before picture, so her jeans were similar to the ones pictured below.)
The Felted Fox dress before

Thrift Finds Upcycled Into High Fashion

Over at The Felted Fox, Nicole is crazy good at turning worn out items into things of beauty.  "This time I decided to repurpose (or upcycle) an old thrift store dress I owned and had long gotten bored of," she tells us.  "It had been earmarked for the Goodwill pile, when I stumbled upon a photograph of Solange Knowles wearing a little cropped jacket and skirt combo." The Felted Fox dress before