Refashioned Athletic Tee Has Spirit!

Bonnie’s daughter wanted to cheer on her brother’s football team on a hot day, but her only piece of school spirit was a baggy, thick boy’s t-shirt. Not to worry–Bonnie quickly (like, in 15 minutes) refashioned the shirt into a stylish, breathable pillowcase top. At Uncommon Designs, she’s sharing this “great way for you soccer, baseball, and football girls to lighten up those heavy shirts and still show your team spirit!”


Bonnie cut the sleeves off, then removed the head opening. She “turned down the top about 1 inch on front and back and stitched each of them across,” then threaded a cute ribbon through the neck and tied it on the side. Her daughter was happy to have a more feminine top, and lots of other girls at the game wanted to know how to make their own. Touchdown for Bonnie!


Visit Uncommon Designs for the complete instructions.

Spring-worthy African Print Sweatshirt

The lovely Nicole from The Felted Fox saw some amazing African print sweatshirts while browsing Pinterest. As she says, “I already owned a plain grey sweatshirt and still had a stash of African print fabrics I collected in South Africa.” So she decided to make one of her own.


She used tissue paper to create a template for the print fabric, then cut, pinned, and sewed. Nicole wanted to add “something bright and cheerful to [her] winter wardrobe” and is now the proud owner of this (free!) piece of colorful gorgeousness. Mission accomplished–this will definitely hold off the winter blues!


Want to try this yourself? Check out Nicole’s tutorial at The Felted Fox.

Ornament to Remember Grandpa

Today’s rescue might get you a little teary-eyed. At Cutesy Crafts, Jessica is honoring her late grandfather by making ornaments from some of his clothes to share with her family. Now they can all have “a little piece of grandpa to remember him at Christmas.”

plaid shirt

After getting a pair of jeans and one of her Papa’s trademarked plaid shirts from her mom, Jessica got to work on this easy project. All she needed was fusible interface, embroidery floss, and stuffing. Jessica chose to make the ornament in the shape of a bird because her grandfather was an avid birdwatcher who shared his hobby with his grandkids. Isn’t this such a sweet way to remember a loved one at Christmas?

stuffed bird ornament from grandpas clothes

To see the full tutorial, go visit Jessica at Cutesy Crafts.

Secondhand Shirt Turns Into Cute Summer Crop Top

Recently at The Felted Fox, Nicole has started sewing her own clothes for the summer.  One of her recent outfits started with this large, secondhand men’s shirt.


Nicole created her own pattern for a crop top shirt.  She cut the pattern pieces out of the fabric she harvested from the oversize men’s shirt.  After sewing the pieces together, Nicole’s crop top was ready to show off.  I’m impressed!


Find Nicole’s free pattern for this cute crop top at The Felted Fox.

Old Jeans to Fashionable Skirt

Over at Mabey She Made It, Lisa had a pair of jeans that she wasn’t getting much use out of, anymore.  “They looked good on me, but the rise was just too low for me to be comfortable in,” she tells us.  Time for a refashion!  (FYI, Lisa didn’t have a before picture, so her jeans were similar to the ones pictured below.)


Since she didn’t already own a denim skirt, that was the direction Lisa headed with this refashion.  She knew a skirt would solve the problem of the low-rise.  Instead of ripping the seams of her jeans out, she cut the jeans along the seam lines.  That way she could incorporate the seams in the skirt design.  She added a panel to the front of the jeans.  Instead of hemming the skirt, she allowed the edges to fray slightly.  Doesn’t it look great on her?


Click over to Mabey She Made It to find out more about how Lisa turned a pair of jeans into a skirt.

High Fashion Sweater Update

Nicole from The Felted Fox loved wearing her husband’s comfy, oversized sweater on wintry days at home.  Unfortunately, a few moths loved that sweater, too, so when it became embarrassingly moth-eaten, Nicole decided it was time to refashion.

leather sweater old

Since the sleeves were the only really salvageable part of this sweater, she built her new design around them.  She removed the sleeves from the rest of the sweater.  She used the old bodice of the sweater to cut a new bodice from black faux leather.  Then she attached the old sleeves to the new sweater for an entirely new piece of clothing.  So chic!


Visit The Felted Fox to find complete instructions for this sweater refashion.

Thrift Finds Upcycled Into High Fashion

Over at The Felted Fox, Nicole is crazy good at turning worn out items into things of beauty.  “This time I decided to repurpose (or upcycle) an old thrift store dress I owned and had long gotten bored of,” she tells us.  “It had been earmarked for the Goodwill pile, when I stumbled upon a photograph of Solange Knowles wearing a little cropped
jacket and skirt combo.”

The Felted Fox dress before

Determined to create something similar with the dress she already had, Nicole went to work.  She didn’t have a lot of sewing experience, so Nicole admits that there was a learning curve when it came to refashioning this dress.  Despite the challenges, she say, “I’m so happy I did it though, as now I have something I love and will definitely be wearing this fall.”  Nicole even provides a simple tutorial in case you want to make something similar.  You know what?  I think I like her version better than the celebrity version!

The Felted Fox dress after

Learn more about this dress refashion at The Felted Fox.

Denim Dress to Jacket

Ruth, who blogs at A House in Holland, needed a cropped denim jacket for her teen daughter.  Her daughter noticed a denim dress in the Goodwill box and asked, “Can’t we make a jacket out of that?”

So they did!  Ruth used the bodice of the old dress to make this darling, lace-trimmed jacket, cropped to just the right length.  It’s a darling piece of clothing, and you’d never guess it had known another life as a dress!

Ruth has instructions for anyone who wants to transform a dress into a cropped jacket at A House in Holland.