mantle clock

Mantle Clock Revamp

Several years ago, Sara spotted this mantle clock at a garage sale and brought it home. Initially, she thought that maybe her husband could fix it, but it turned out that a few key components were using it as an actual clock got scrapped. Sara shares what she did with it instead at Thrifty Treasures.

It’s About Time, and Reclaimed Wood

"A few months ago I was riding bikes with my girls, and saw a neighbor down the street taking out a huge fence in order to replace it with a new one," Lindsay begins the story of her latest rescue at Diary of a Crafty Lady. "After riding back and forth a few times I got up the courage to talk to the neighbor, and found out that he was taking down a fence made of cedar, and was willing to give me several pieces of fence board!"

Time for a Change

"My granddaughter found this side table in the neighbor's trash," says Deb at Lake Girl Paints. "She loaded it up in her golf cart and brought it to my garage." Sounds like they are raising her right, doesn't it?

Crazy Clock Makeover

Well, that title might be deceiving.  This clock wasn't so much crazy as it was ugly.  Shannon from AKA Design + Life tells us, "This clock was given to us by a friend, who had it given to them. I’m pretty sure no-one knew what to do with it. It looks a little like a Roman shield, or something." wall-clock
Designed Decor clock before

Tick Tock…It’s a Pallet Wood Clock

Over at Designed Decor, DeDe has been working on taking apart the pallets she had stashed in her backyard.  "The pallets I had were pretty beat up and a lot of the boards were not in good shape, so I just cut them, and had a bunch of 12 to 18 inch boards," she tells us.  Faced with a pile of short boards to reuse, Dede came up with this clock project. Designed Decor clock before
The Crafted Sparrow clock before

Honeycomb Clock Update

At The Crafted Sparrow, Rebecca was shopping her house for objects to decorate a new shelf when she happened upon this old clock.  It was a dumpster find her husband had brought home.  Despite doing time (pun totally intended) in the trashbin, this clock was still tickin'. The Crafted Sparrow clock before
Inspiration Cafe clock before

Time Zone Clock

Sherry of Inspiration Cafe had been thinking about a craft project involving clocks for a while, but the clock -works available at the hobby store were pricey.  While browsing Goodwill one day, she spotted a  pile of little alarm clocks that were Target overstocks.  At a quarter of the price of the other clock kits she'd seen, Sherry grabbed a few.