eucalyptus seed pods

Wreath Week: Seed Pods Go Metallic

Lisa thought she'd found acorns on a walk with her family, but she had "never seen anything like them." She and her girls gathered a stroller full and brought them home. After Lisa turned her "acorns" into a gorgeous metallic wreath, a few sharp-eyed readers at Mabey She Made It identified them as eucalyptus seed pods. Whatever they are, they look amazing on Lisa's front door!

Wreath Week: Work Socks Workin’ It

Alex loves work socks. She says, "I don’t know what it is about them that I adore but to me they scream Canadian Winter and endless decor and craft projects." Because of this love, she had several pair that were wearing out in the soles. At Northstory, she shows us how she upcycled them into the Christmas wreath of her dreams.
Wreath Week

Wreath Week at Roadkill Rescue

Wreaths are fun to hang on the door any time of year, but they are especially meaningful during the Christmas season. This week at Roadkill Rescue, we'll be celebrating the season with festive wreath projects that honor the spirit of Roadkill Rescue: they are made out of free, found, or upcycled materials. Stay tuned for Wreath Week!
daisy mae belle dryer vent before

Deck the Halls with Dryer Vents

Have you bought a new appliance, recently?  Maybe a clothes dryer?  Hmmm?  Well, if you have any extra dryer vent tubing or some that you were about to throw away, this Christmas craft is for you!  Melissa from Daisy Mae Belle figured out how to make a wreath from dryer vent tubing! daisy mae belle dryer vent before