A Christmas Gingerbread Village from Recycled Containers

“Gingerbread houses are fun, but all too often are temporary because they are made from actual gingerbread, icing and candies. I wanted a Christmas village made up of gingerbread houses, but one I could bring out each year,” Amanda explains on her blog, Crafts by Amanda.  Her solution for keeping her gingerbread village fresh was to skip the cookies and go straight for the milk–she started saving milk and juice cartons!


This project cost Amanda nothing–you read that right, $0.  Along with the cartons she saved for this project, all of the other materials were craft supplies and items that Amanda already had.  I’m not going to give all of Amanda’s tricks away–you are going to have to click over to her blog to see how she created the faux gingerbread texture and “frosting.”  But I will tell you that most of the colorful “candy” that she used was actually buttons!  This has to be one of the most adorable gingerbread villages I’ve ever seen!


Like I said, make sure you visit Crafts by Amanda to get the “recipe” for Amanda’s faux gingerbread.

Christmas Village Makeover

Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage discovered this little church–part of a Christmas village–at Goodwill.  She was willing to shell out $1.50 for it, know that there was a way to give it a facelift.

Fox Hollow Cottage church before

At home, Shannon painted over the faded paint job with a fresh, solid coat of white.  With the addition of some glitter, now the church looks like it’s covered in sparkling snow!  Shannon mentioned that she hopes to find other village buildings that she can transform in a similar fashion to build her collection.  Isn’t that a great idea?

Fox Hollow Cottage church after

You can learn more about how Shannon gave this church a makeover at Fox Hollow Cottage.