Pallet Christmas Tree

Julie at Redhead Can Decorate saw a simple pallet Christmas tree last year that got her gears turning. When fate delivered a pallet to her house last summer, she hung on to it and is now the proud owner of a gorgeous silver and gold pallet tree!

wood palletAfter cleaning off the dust and removing some, ahem, tiny spider residents, Julie gave the pallet a light coat of paint. She used nails to create the Christmas tree shape, then wrapped foil garland and lights around the nails, zigzagging down the pallet. A thrift-store star for the top and a sawed log for the bottom finished the project, and now Julie has a Christmas tree she is absolutely in love with.

silver and gold Christmas tree from wood palletTo see the full tutorial, visit Redhead Can Decorate.


Glass Insulator Christmas Tree

Over at The Salvaged Boutique, one of Kathy’s friends passed along several boxes of vintage items to her.  She was delighted to find one of them full of these glass insulators.  Insulators were originally used with telegraph lines, back in the 1800’s.  Kathy challenged herself to turn one of them into Christmas decor, using only items that she had on hand.


For this project, Kathy gathered together her supplies, including some cardboard.  She cut out pieces of cardboard and fashioned them into sections of an evergreen tree.  She attached them to a dowel and painted everything black.  She trimmed the cardboard tree with pretty pearls and used the glass insulator as a tree topper.  How creative!


Make sure you get all the details on this project at The Salvaged Boutique.

Paper Doily Christmas Trees

Here’s a quick and easy  project from the girls and One-O.  It’s a snowy Christmas tree made from paper doilies!


Chiara and Irene have been interested in making less-traditional or alternative Christmas trees this year.  For the doily tree, they made use of some of the leftover supplies from other projects.  It was a simple cut-and-paste operation to attache the doilies to the stick.  Placing the tree in in a little bit of putty or modeling clay keeps it upright.  I think the white doilies make the tree look like it’s just been laden with fresh snow.


Visit One-O to get all the details on this craft project.

Coastal Christmas Decor Made from Fallen Branches

Inspired by some of the Christmas trees she’d seen made out of driftwood over the years, Amanda wanted to make a tree of her own from fallen branches.  She tells all about the project at Crafts By Amanda.


The first step was finding a number of branches in varying sizes.  Amanda spray painted them white and laid them out in order from largest to smallest.  She used twine to knot the branches together to form the classic evergreen shape.  Then she added ornaments, garlands of lace, and delicate starfish to the twig tree.  Aren’t the colors she chose for her ornaments lovely?


Get all the details on this project at Crafts by Amanda.

Tossed Away Tree Top Gets a Second Chance

When Sara from Thrifty Treasures spotted this tree top that had been thrown out, she was more than happy to give it a new home.  “When your tree lights stop working, don’t toss it, make a smaller tree!” she suggests.

Thrifty Treasures tree top before

A small tree for the front porch was something that Sara had wanted, so she knew exactly what to do with this one.  It didn’t have a base or stand, since it had originally been the top of a larger tree, so Sara filled a mosaic tin with cement, and set the tree in that.  “After straightening out the branches, my 5 year old daughter helped me decorate it with lights and silver bulbs,” she tells us.  It looks so festive on Sara’s front porch!  You’d never guess this was a rescue.

Thrifty Treasures tree top after

Find out more about this Christmas tree rescue at Thrifty Treasures.


Oh, Christmas Tree, How Lovely Are Thy Spindles

“As I cut spindles during the last six months I threw the scraps into a basket in the garage,” says Rhonda at Craft Dictator.  She had plans to use those  spindles for some holiday decor.

Obsessive & Creative spindle tree before

The idea Rhonda had was to turn that hodge podge of spindles into a Christmas tree!  She cut the spindles to the right length and then painted the spindles in bright colors.  The spindles got attached to a larger spindle, which stood upright in a circular base.    It’s the perfect place to display special or keepsake ornaments!

Obsessive & Creative spindle tree after

Learn more about this spindle tree by visiting Craft Dictator.

What Santa Left Behind: Roadkill Rescue Christmas Tree

“This is truly a roadkill rescue!” Candace from Vintage News Junkie says with excitement.  “I found not one, but two real
Christmas trees on the side of the interstate! Yes, the interstate!  The whole time we were loading up the trees, I couldn’t help but think, ‘Beckie is gonna love this!'”

Vintage News Junkie Christmas tree before

Back at home with the trees, Candace was delighted at the opportunity to have not one but two trees for the price of none!  She’d seen a picture of a galvanized tub tree stand in Crate & Barrel, so using that for inspiration, she and her dad made their own version.  The larger of the two trees is the one that’s “planted” inside the galvanized tub.  Doesn’t that look great?

Vintage News Junkie Christmas tree after

Visit Vintage News Junkie to read more about Candace’s Christmas trees and how she made the tub tree stand.

Magazine Christmas Tree

Here’s an easy recycling project just in time for last minute Christmas decor, from Jacky at Small Home Love.  All you need is an old magazine and a Christmas movie to watch while you are making this project.

Small Home Love magazine before

By folding the pages of the magazine, Jacky demonstrates how you can turn the magazine into a 3 dimmensional Christmas tree!  The pictures from the magazine add pops of color, and the tree has a pleasing cone shape.  It’s a unique twist on holiday decor.

Small Home Love magazine after

Follow Jacky’s instructions for making this project at Small Home Love.