Christmas Ornament Makeover

When it comes to Christmas and color schemes, Alexis at Persia Lou suffers from a bit of “Christmas tree ADD.” She says, “Pretty much every year I feel the need to change things up a bit . . . or change things up a lot. Which, of course, can get pretty pricey.” But this year she had an epiphany and gave some of her old ornaments a so-easy-you-won’t-believe-it makeover.

blue Christmas ornaments

Alexis says, “Several years ago I had an all blue and silver tree, and that was fun, but these blue ornaments just aren’t working with the white and gold thing I’ve got going on this year.” She grabbed a can of metallic gold spray paint and a few coats later she’s gone from Blue Christmas to 18 Karat Christmas! Even the glittery ornaments took the spray paint and kept on glittering. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling inspired!

Christmas ornaments spray painted goldCheck out Persia Lou for more details.


Paint Chip Christmas Trees

Britni from Hubby Made Me has a great way for you to recycle those stacks of paint chips you bring home every time you go to the home improvement center.

Hubby Made Me paint chips before


She used her chips to make colorful Christmas tree ornaments!  Britni claims–and I believe–that these paint chip trees are one of the easiest craft projects ever.  As simple as it is, can’t you just imagine how fun it would be to have trees on your tree in every hue?

Hubby Made Me paint chips after

You can read more about this project at Hubby Made Me.

Washi Tape Christmas Wall Art

Chelsea from Making Home Base has been getting her house ready for Christmas.  For her latest project, she made good use of an old picture frame she’d been saving.

Instead of painting the plain frame, Chelsea did something really fun to jazz it up.  She covered it with washi tape!  With the addition of a few pretty ornaments, the frame is now a festive decoration Chelsea can hang on the wall.  I love how festive the bright red and white looks together!

See how Chelsea made this Christmas decor at Making Home Base.

Faux Gilded Pinecones

At What’s Ur Home Story, Vidya has a great way to dress up pine cones for Christmas decor.  If you have a yard with pine trees or live near a park or nature preserve that has them, then pine cones will be free and plentiful at this time of year. (They are also pretty easy to come by in the holiday decor section of your local store.)

Vidya loved the look of the gilded pine cone ornaments she’d come across in the pages of a favorite catalog.  With a little spray paint, she’d soon turned her own pine cones into glittering gold treasures for the Christmas tree.  I love these!  The gold gives them a touch of elegance, but the fact that they are simple pinecones keeps these ornaments from looking too opulent.

You can get Vidya’s tips for painting pine cones at What’s Ur Home Story.

Mason Jar Lid Christmas Ornament

A few embellishments added with twine and ribbon turned those simple lids into pretty ornaments that look like miniature wreaths for Laurel’s Christmas tree.  I love these!  What a great way to get some extra use out of those old canning goods.

Check out the tutorial for these delightful wreath ornaments at Chipping with Charm.

Scrappy Ornaments

Amanda from Bullfrogs and Bulldogs shared a great way to turn crafting scraps into pretty Christmas ornaments.  It’s the perfect way to use pretty leftovers from sewing, papercrafting, and other projects.

Amanda discovered that she could buy the inexpensive clear plastic ornaments at her local craft store.  She took them home and went through her leftover bits of fabric, string, lace, and ribbon to find lovely things to put inside the ornaments.  What a great way to recycle and decorate at the same time!

You can learn more about how Amanda made these ornaments at Bullfrogs and Bulldogs.