Coastal Christmas Tree Art

At The Space Between, Karah shares the perfect Christmas craft for anyone who loves to collect pretty things from along the seashore, like sea glass and driftwood.

The Space Between decor before

Karah used her collections of colorful sea glass and small pieces of driftwood to make a pretty little Christmas tree.  In combination with an old frame, the artwork makes a colorful and unique piece of holiday artwork.  Aren’t the colors of the sea glass beautiful?

The Space Between decor after

You can find out Karah’s tricks for making this simple project at The Space Between.

Styrofoam and Scrap Wood Christmas Decor

At Design, Dining + Diapers, Taryn used a piece of scrap plywood–leftover from another project–and styrofoam cranberries– pulled out of the bottom of the Christmas boxess–to make a cute holiday sign.

Design, Dining + Diapers sign before

Using the cranberries to form the shape of letters in the word “Noel”, Taryn created a festive and dimensional sign.  I love the way the red berries look against the bright white sign–it reminds me of the way holly berries look after a snowfall.  So pretty!

Design, Dining + Diapers sign after

You can see Taryn’s tutorial for this project at Design, Dining + Diapers.

Vintage Hardware Christmas Tree

You’ve never seen junk look so festive and cute until you’ve seen what Kathy made at Petticoat Junktion.  She crafted an adorable holiday decoration using an old cabinet door and funky hardware pieces from her extensive collection.

Can you believe that assortment?  Kathy’s definitely a collector, and that made it a little easier to find the perfect junk pieces to create this Christmas work of art.  I just love this project–I couldn’t stop staring at the different details on all of the hinges that Kathy found.  What a unique decoration!

Find out more about this funky vintage Christmas decor at Petticoat Junktion.

Scrap Wood Christmas Tree

Marty and her husband, Tim, worked on this project together and blogged about it at Marty’s Musings.  Tim reports that thanks to Pinterest, he rarely evhoer tosses scrap wood into the fire, anymore.  Now he’s using it to make holiday decorations.

Tim swears that turning old fence posts into a Christmas tree only took a matter of minutes.  Marty took over from that point, adding lettering and decorations to really make this simple decoration a meaningful part of their family’s Christmas celebration.  I love the sentiment it expresses, and the weathered wood is especially symbolic for the celebration of Christ’s birth.

Read more about what Tim and Marty did to complete this project at Marty’s Musings.

Cookie Cutter Artwork

Jess, from A Smith of All Trades, tells about how some pre-holiday organizing piad off:  “We were going through old cookie cutters last year to donate the ones we never use anymore, when my mom found a set that belonged to her mom. They never got used anymore, but she couldn’t part with them.”

Smart Jess took them and turned them into super cute art for her kitchen that she displays proudly at Christmas.  It’s very cute, and even reminds me of some of my own mom’s cookie cutters!

You can see how Jess made this neat project at A Smith of All Trades.

Christmas Cheer Window

Over at A Creative Princess, Terri’s husband replaced windows in an old farmhouse one day.  Knowing how much she loves old windows, he brought a few of the smaller ones home to Terri.  Terri re-imagined this window into cheerful holiday decor.

With the movie Elf being a favorite at her house, Terri thought it would be fun to showcase a favorite quote from the movie inside the window panes.  She kept the rustic look of the window, but added some fun embellishments and colorful paper to up the cheer factor.  The quick makeover gave Terri and her family a fun and meaningful holiday decoration.

You can see Terri’s tutorial at A Creative Princess.

Tabletop Turned Christmas Decor

Roeshel, at DIY Showoff, had replaced an old tabletop with a new one for another project.  That left her with an extra tabletop that needed recycling.


Roeshel thought way outside of the box on this one, reimagining this tabletop as a blank canvas.  From that, she transformed it into a merry and bright sign to help celebrate the coming Christmas holiday.  The vibrant colors are such a fun, modern take on Christmas decor.

There’s a great tutorial at DIY Showoff to help you see how Roeshel made the fun chevron pattern on this sign.

Vintage Santa Art

Old frames are great to have around for reusing and repurposing, as it doesn’t take much to give them a new, updated look. Heather from Larissa Hill Designs has her own collection of framed artwork that came in handy for creating Christmas artwork for her dining room. She started out with two ornate frames that were sporting outdated floral prints.

Old Artwork

Heather replaced the flowers with musical Christmas art she created herself using Graphics Fairy. Then she simply rubbed some Antique Gold Rub n’ Buff into the frames with her finger to give them a new look. Don’t you love it when it’s so simple to make the old new again?

Vintage Christmas Art

See the tutorial at Larissa Hill Designs.