Elizabeth Joan Designs children's table and chairs

Fun-Size Furniture Refabbed

When Emily from Elizabeth Joan Designs spotted this darling child size Queen Anne style table and chairs at a friend's garage sale, she was smitten.  But since she already had a child size table for her own kids, she couldn't justify the $20 price tag.  Imagine her delight when later that evening she discovered her friend hadn't sold the set and it was waiting for curbside trash pickup! Elizabeth Joan Designs children's table and chairs
The Bunch Blog chairs before

Toddler Chair Makeover

Tracie from The Bunch has a cute little toddler who didn't love her high chair anymore.  Luckily, Great-Grandma had picked up these little chairs at a garage sale and passed them on to their family, so Tracie an her husband decided to use them to make a new spot for their daughter to enjoy her meals. The Bunch Blog chairs before
Redoux Interiors table before

Children’s Table Makeover

If you have a table that's just for the kids, then you have a pretty good idea of what those tables can look like after years of use:  scratched, dented, and topped with lots of happy scribbles!  That was about the shape this table was in when it was given to Karen of Redoux Interiors. Redoux Interiors table before