Old Window Becomes an Industrial-Chic Chalkboard

You may have spotted this project by Mindy of My Love 2 Create over at Knock Off Decor.  It’s one she originally shared at My Repurposed Life.  She started out withan old window that a friend had passed along to her.


Inspired by Restoration Hardware’s industrial chalkboards, Mindy decided to turn the old window into a chalkboard.  After removing all of the hardware, she painted the glass with several coats of chalkboard paint.  Mindy cut some fake rivets out of chipboard and attached them to the corners of the window frame for an industrial vibe using glue and upholstery tacks.  Once the faux rivets were in place, she used several different colors of spray paint to give the frame the look of rusted metal, and her industrial-style chalkboard was complete.  How awesome is that?  I can’t even tell it’s not actually metal!


Find out more about this project by visiting My Repurposed Life.

Footboard Chalkboard Fit for a Wedding

At My Repurposed Life, Gail has been finding new ways to use the pieces of an old bunkbed.  After using part of the headboard and footboard for one project, she had a piece of the footboard leftover.


Gail decided that leftover piece would make a terrific decoration for a wedding!  She cut some wood scraps to make feet to keep the sign upright.  She painted the piece with black chalkboard paint.  On one side, Gail applied some vinyl lettering, but she left the other side blank so that it could be custom lettered with chalk.  Now the former footboard can function as a sign or centerpiece in someone’s wedding decor.  Awesome!


Visit My Repurposed Life to get more information on this sign project.

Vintage School Desk Makeover

Some rescues have a really fun history, like this little school desk that got a makeover from Dee at Meatloaf and Melodrama.  Dee tells us, “This was originally my desk back when I was a lot smaller and younger–and no, I’m not that old! My aunt worked for one of the local school districts, and she saved this from being thrown when one of the older schools was being renovated.”


For this rescue of a rescue, Dee and her husband peeled away all of the stickers and spray painted the metal parts of the desk a creamy yellow.  She painted other wood parts of the desk white.  For a really fun touch, Dee used blue chalkboard paint to cover the desktop, making it a fun place to draw or work without paper!  I love the blue stripes she added to the seat, too.


Click over to Meatloaf and Melodrama to get the specifics of this vintage desk makeover.

On the Menu Today: Chalkboard Chargers

Over at Mendez Manor, Nicole has been thinking about the upcoming holidays.  She wanted to have something both festive and fun to help create unique tablescapes this holiday season.  The solution?  These chalkboard painted chargers.

Mendez Manor chargers before

This project began with these plain gold charger plates that Nicole had.  (She points out that you can find similar ones at Michael’s for $1 each.)  She painted in the center of the chargers with Martha Stewart Crafts black chalkboard paint.  “We’re not super fancy here, so I like the casual look that the chalkboard paint brings to my gold charges,” Nicole notes.   “They look really good underneath my collection of clear glass plates!”  These definitely look like they will  be a lot of fun to use when setting a festive table!

Mendez Manor chargers after

Nicole’s tutorial for these plates at Mendez Manor includes lots of helpful information, including how long you can expect the chalkboard surface of these plates to last.

Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Do you have any of those plastic jack-o-lantern buckets sitting around with the rest of your Halloween decorations?  If so, Chelsea from Making Home Base has a great idea for repurposing them.

Orange Plastic Pumpkin

For this project, Chelsea simply painted her jack-o-lantern buckets with chalkboard paint.  She says that it took a few coats of the paint to completely cover the orange plastic.  All she needed to do after the paint dried was to prime them with chalk before writing Autumn messages on them and plant some pretty yellow mums inside.  “I love that I can change the message frequently throughout the season,” Chelsea says.  Too cute!

Making Home Base chalkboard pumpkins

Read more about this Fall upcycle at Making Home Base.

Switching Up the Look of a Cloche with Chalkboard Paint

Over at Cherished Bliss, Ashley had a little cloche that she’d picked up at a thrift store a while ago, but hadn’t figured out how to use it, yet.  She decided that since she gets excited about decorating for different seasons, she should turn this cloche into something that would work for a number of different seasons, holidays, and occasions.

Cherished Bliss chalkboard cloche after

This project turned out to be really simple, and Ashley gives credit to Plaid’s new FolkArt Multi Surface Paint  and Plaid’s Chalk Anything paint for that.  She was able to use the same paint for both the wood and the glass cover.  Both surfaces were turned into chalkboards, with the glass getting just a stenciled banner for its chalk friendly surface.  Isn’t that fun?  I’m thinking this idea would be super fun for displaying and labeling cheeses or other treats at a tasting party!

Cherished Bliss chalkboard cloche before

Find out how Ashley applied a stencil to glass for this project over at Cherished Bliss.

Awesome Chalkboard Bins from Plastic Storage Drawers

Rachel from R&R Workshop had graduated from the plastic drawers on wheels to real furniture.  “We no longer needed to use these plastic drawers, but I wasn’t willing to get rid of them!” she exclaims.

R&R Workshop plastic drawers before

Looking at the drawers, Rachel realized that without the plastic frame that kept them stacked together, the drawers alone could potentially make great storage bins.  In fact, they were just the right size to fit under her son’s bed!  Rachel primed the drawer fronts and then painted them with chalkboard paint.  Now, the drawers serve as easily labeled toy storage that scoot away under the bed when playtime is over.  Genius!

R&R Workshop plastic drawers after

Get all the details on these repurposed plastic drawers at R&R Workshop.

Chalkboard Window

After finding a pile of gorgeous vintage windows on the side of the road recently, April has been sharing all the ways she’s repurposing those windows at House by Hoff.  (I featured one of those transformations here.)  Her latest window project is perfect for a summertime vignette.

House by Hoff window before

The window April chose to work on this time was already covered in the prettiest shade of blue, chippy paint.  She cleaned it gently to preserve as much of that paint as possible, then sealed it carefully.  The panes of this window were intact, so April layered them with latex paint and then chalkboard paint, creating a chalkboard window!  Adding a summery quote and a beachy garland were all it took to complete the look.  I’ve got to find myself some old windows!

House by Hoff window after

Get all the details on this project at House by Hoff.