Spice Cabinet Makeover

Organizing cabinets is one of the most satisfying home improvement projects, in my book.  It doesn’t take long, it doesn’t cost a lot, but a little effort goes a long way when you can open your cupboard doors and see everything in place and ready to be used (not hunted for).  At My Name is Snickerdoodle, Amy shares how she repurposed items to give her spice cabinet a clutter-free look.


One thing Amy realized would help the place where she keeps her spices be more organized was unifying the containers that she stored them in.  Since they were still in the manufacturer’s packaging, the spices where all different shapes and sizes.  Amy collected and washed baby food jars after removing their labels.  She spray painted the lids a pretty shade of blue.  Next, she used chalkboard stickers to label each jar.  Now her spices are stored in cute, matching containers and they are stackable, to boot!


Make sure you visit My Name is Snickerdoodle to get the details on this project.

Mason Jars Made Into Canisters

“Mason jars make good canisters because you can fit a lot in them without taking up much counter space,” says Roxanne at The Honeycomb Home. “But because they were clear, it looked a little messy.”


Roxanne decided that painting her mason jars would improve their appearance in her kitchen.  Besides, she needed a small project for her first-time use of chalk paint!  She painted her jars, layering white paint over blue.  Roxanne lightly sanded the painted glass to give it a distressed finish, and added a chalkboard label to each jar.  What a cute look for her kitchen!


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Awesome Chalkboard Bins from Plastic Storage Drawers

Rachel from R&R Workshop had graduated from the plastic drawers on wheels to real furniture.  “We no longer needed to use these plastic drawers, but I wasn’t willing to get rid of them!” she exclaims.

R&R Workshop plastic drawers before

Looking at the drawers, Rachel realized that without the plastic frame that kept them stacked together, the drawers alone could potentially make great storage bins.  In fact, they were just the right size to fit under her son’s bed!  Rachel primed the drawer fronts and then painted them with chalkboard paint.  Now, the drawers serve as easily labeled toy storage that scoot away under the bed when playtime is over.  Genius!

R&R Workshop plastic drawers after

Get all the details on these repurposed plastic drawers at R&R Workshop.

Upcycled Diaper Boxes

At No. 29 Design, the homeowners have been working on getting their pantry organized.  When they needed some large bins for extra storage, they realized that the diaper boxes they were about to recycle were the perfect size.

A few coats of chalkboard paint and some cute labeling with a chalk pen is all it took to transform those sturdy boxes into the perfect bins for storing odds and ends in the pantry.  I like the idea of using chalkboard paint for these, so that they can be easily relabeled when needed.

Get the details on this project at No. 29 Design.