Cool Outdoor Pallet Bar

Today’s rescue comes from Melanie of Making it in the Mitten. She loves entertaining outside during the summer, and this year she decided she “needed a space to place food and beverages while we are outside.” Her husband grabbed a couple of free pallets from work, and they used them to build an outdoor bar!


She spray painted both pallets in a cool aqua shade, then screwed them together. A piece of scrap wood became the tabletop, which crafty Melanie painted with chalk paint so she’ll have the option to “write fun things or to label specialty drinks.” Now that it’s finished, Melanie says, “It was a pretty simple project, but I love the final result!”


To read more about this project, check out Making it in the Mitten.

Adding Cool Flair & New Function to a Jewelry Box

Pauline knows how “one piece of furniture can set the tone or inspiration for the whole room.” After introducing a beautiful new striped chair to her living room, she felt inspired to switch up some of her accessories to match it. Over at Club Chica Circle this old jewelry box found a new identity as a box for remote controls. (And hey, what living room doesn’t need one of those?)

upcycle-wood-jewelry-boxPauline chose chalky finish paints to “pick up many of the colors in the focal chair.” The base color was a mint green, painted on the inside and outside. Then she added other colors to the lid and outside edge and roughed it up a bit with a sanding block. After stenciling in her Cafe Paris design in gold, she applied both a golden-brown wax and a clear one. Not only does this look great in her living room, but no more lost remote controls? I call that a win-win!

Upcycled-jewelry-box-turned-Remote-BoxHead over to Club Chica Circle to see which paints Pauline used for this makeover!

King of the Grill’s New Workstation

Sherry’s husband has been slowly accumulating a lot of outdoor cooking gear on their back porch. It was getting to the point where “he really did need some sort of area for prep and to handle all the food that he is cranking out.” So Sherry, who blogs at Upcycle Addict, used an old dresser to surprise her “amazing BBQ King” with a smokin‘ Father’s Day present.

dresserThis dresser had been hanging out in a garage for years with lots of, um, critters calling it home, so it was “very very nasty.” Sherry scraped and bleached it, then used homemade chalk paint and sealed it with a stain. She cut a piece of veneer to cover the back of the dresser, then added wheels, signs, a paper towel holder, and a basket for holding spices. Sherry says, “I think I earned the best wife award for this one.” Um, yeah she did!

grilling-island-from-dresserTo see more pictures of how this fabulous work station turned out (you’ve got to check out the back!), go see Sherry at Upcycle Addict.

Creating a Beach Lantern from Secondhand Shutters

You know your DIY hobby has reached the next level when people’s idea of a great birthday present for you is a pile of junk treasure for your projects! That’s what happened to Joan at Scavenger Chic. Part of her birthday gift included an old pair of shutters, which she turned into an awesome beach lantern.


Joan separated the shutters from the frames (the shutters went into yet another project) and filled the holes in the wood. This project used up a lot of her scrap wood, along with several deck balusters from the hardware store. Joan painted the lamp’s interior while it was flat, then added a coat of dark wax. While assembling the lamp, Joan used scrap wood pieces and turn buttons to hold her glass panes in place. She used black chalk paint and a dark wax on the exterior, then added hardware. Joan jokes that she’s “just cleaning up the world one project at a time.” She forgot to mention that she’s making it a more beautiful place, too!

diy-lantern-from-shuttersCheck out more pictures, along with Joan’s complete instructions, at Scavenger Chic.

Refreshing What You Have for Gorgeous Organization

Okay, I just have to say that it is seriously hard to believe that this gorgeous and well-designed entry hallway is the product of not one, but TWO rescue projects!  The fabulous furnishings in this hallway didn’t start out quite so pretty as they are now.  Instead, ChiWei of One Dog Woof started out with an old dining room console and a couple of free wine crates from the local wine shop.


ChiWei started off the transformation by covering the dated, dark finish on the console table with white chalk paint.  She replaced the old drawer hardware with whimsical ceramic knobs in blue and white.  Next, ChieWei painted the wine crates a sunny shade of yellow and added wheels to the bottom for added functionality.  Placed underneath the table, the rolling crates offer more storage space to keep this front hall organized.  I love it!


Make sure you click over to One Dog Woof to get the scoop on all of the good ideas to be found in this entryway makeover.

Loaf Pan Planter

When Katie’s mom gave her some nice, new loaf pans, it was time to retire her battered old metal pans.  Instead of throwing them out, Katie (who blogs at View From The Fridge) came up with a cute new use for them and shared it at My Crafty Spot.


For this project, Katie spray painted the inside of the loaf pans gold.  She painted the outside of the pans with white chalk paint.  Adding small wooden balls painted gold to the bottoms of the pans lifted the pans up a bit.  Katie used stick on letters to give the pans even more personality.  After making some drainage holes in the bottoms, she filled the pans with wheat grass, turning them into planters!


Find out how to make your own loaf pan planters at My Crafty Spot.

Grandpa’s Nightstand Goes Shabby Chic

This little side table sat next to the bedside of Jessica’s grandpa for years.  It was worn and shabby, but to Jessica the nightstand was a keepsake.  See how she revived it at Live Randomly Simple.


To give the table a new look, Jessica started by removing the door, hinges, and back of the piece.  She replaced the back with chicken wire to add some rustic style.  She used robin’s egg blue chalk paint to cover the dated finish, and distressed it with sandpaper.  I love the way Jessica styled the side table once it was finished!


To learn more about Jessica’s refinishing techniques, visit Live Randomly Simple.

An Elephant Foot Stool

“This footstool had been kicking around the classrooms in my school for over fourteen years.  No one is quite sure who it belonged to originally,” explains Lori at Rise.Shine.Create.  When she found it hidden under a pile of books in another classroom, she asked her colleague if it could go home with her.


This was Lori’s first reupholstery project, but she tackled it with enthusiasm.  She pulled off the old upholstery and painted the legs with chalk paint and some touches of metallic paint.  Next, she replaced the worn out fabric on the stool with a funky elephant print fabric in black and white.  The refurbished stool is adorable!


Get more details on this makeover at Rise.Shine.Create.