Redoux Interiors numbered dresser before

Anthro Inspired Dresser Makeover

Karen of Redoux saw this dresser on the side of the road.  She wasn't the first person to see it there, she explains, "I actually saw a truck in front of me slow down, stop to look at it, then move on to find better curbside shopping goodies.  Their loss, my gain!"  The dresser had a unique design that resembled cottage shingles, Karen thought. Redoux Interiors numbered dresser before
lily dresser before

Dresser with Painted Flower

Karin from Art Is Beauty ended up with this… eh… beauty when her father-in-law brought it home from a dumpster for her. Obviously, he knew of Karin’s miracle-working abilities when it comes to castoff pieces of furniture because this dresser is looking rough to say the least! lily dresser before