Refreshing the Finish on Vintage Chairs

Over at Clockwork Interiors, Cynthia was looking for a few small projects she could work on.  She remembered her stash of chairs in the garage awaiting TLC, and decided that it was time to breathe a little life into a few of them.  “They are so comfortable, and I love the fact that they came out of someone’s work shop!” she says of this set of three handmade, vintage chairs.


For this refinishing project, Cynthia decided to try an oil-based product that she’d never used before.  She scuff sanded the chairs and simply wiped the stain onto the wood.  After letting the stain soak in for a while, she wiped away the excess.  “That’s it — easiest project yet — and what a difference it makes!” Cynthia exclaims.


Find out which staining product Cynthia used for this project at Clockwork Interiors.

Kitchen Chair gets Splash of Color for Spring

Jane at Honey & Roses had been using this hand-me-down pine kitchen chair as a step ladder but knew in her heart that it deserved better–“time this old girl had a makeover!” Check out the simple do-over-that turned this chair from stepping-stool to showcase!

pine-kitchen-chairJane decided to go with chalk paint but couldn’t resist doing a bit of prep. “So I gave the chair a quick sand with medium grade sandpaper and a wipe down with sugar soap and water.” To get the “two-colour distressing technique” she wanted, Jane painted on a white base coat and then two coats of blue. A light distressing with some fine sandpaper and a coat of wax were the finishing touches. Jane is in love with the difference “a splash of colour makes,” and so are we! Nice job!

pine-kitchen-chair-chalk-paint-blueCheck out the complete project at Honey & Roses.

Total Transformation for this Mod Chair

I’ve seen some pretty dramatic rescues in my day.  But this chair that Heather of The Heathered Nest picked up….well, let’s just say this does beat all.  Even I would have driven right past this hot mess!


Heather picked that chair up and took it home, where it sat for two years while she gathered up the courage to give it a new look.  Inspired by a love for the country and several pricey designer chairs with a similar silhouette, Heather figured out that what this chair needed was a little cowhide.  She ripped off the old upholstery, cleaned up the rusty metal frame, and replaced the old upholstery with cow hide!  {Jaw drop} “Don’t tell me something isn’t worth saving, or fixing,” Heather says.  “Anything, and anyone, can be rehabilitated, if given the chance.”


Get all the info on how this makeover went down at The Heathered Nest.

Outdoor Chair Makeover

“I almost missed these bamboo chairs as my dad and I went cruising past them one day. We quickly doubled back and snagged them and I am sure glad we did!” says Jess over at Bright Green Door.


Jess used spray paint to make the chairs bright and white.  The 80’s cushions got revitalized with new fabric.  “Now these chairs anchor our entire front porch and are the perfect restored vintage chair,” Jess tells us happily.  They definitely look like the perfect spot for some front porch sittin’!


Get all the details on this outdoor chair makeover at Bright Green Door.

Sweet Desk Makeover

Suzanne at The Painted Drawer offered to help her neighbor with this little desk and chair set.  “They were both painted a bright blue for him when he was a little boy and now are going into his daughter’s room,” she says, explaining the reason for the makeover.


Deciding to go with a two-toned finish, Suzanne striped away the paint on the desktop, sanded it, and stained it.  She had to use several coats of white chalk paint to cover the bright blue paint on the rest of the desk and chair, but eventually got a smooth, creamy finish.  Suzanne tells us, “I distressed it just enough for tiny bits and pieces of the blue to pop through for interest and character and then sealed it with wax.” Lovely!


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Vintage Chair Gets to Party

AT Oh My! Creative, Susan explains that this old, broken chair was a source of mild contention between she and her husband.  He has wanted her to get rid of it for the past ten years.  On the other hand, she tells us, “At nearly 100 years old, and a garage sale rescue from my mother’s attic, I knew it was destined for greatness.”


This summer, Susan finally figured out this vintage chair’s purpose.  After dusting off the chair, she polished it up with Old English Lemon Oil to bring out the gorgeous wood tones.  The hole where a woven seat had long ago been was the perfect shape for  holding a galvanized bucket.  Filled with ice, the bucket is perfect for keeping drinks cold .  Susan spruced things up a little more with a cute chalkboard label, and this chair was ready to party!


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Chair of Pi

When one of her neighbors had a yard sale this summer, Paula spotted this chair.  She didn’t want to pay what they were asking, so she was thrilled when this chair ended up on the curb after the sale was over.  Paula shares the makeover she gave this chair at Sweet Pea.


Although her initial instinct was to paint the chair, after taking a good look at the wood Paula decided to sand off the old finish and let the beautiful wood show with a new coat of stain.  She plumped up the seat cushion with another layer of foam.  To personalize the chair, Paula stitched the sign for Pi onto the new upholstery.  She explains, “Since I have taught math, am the daughter of a math teacher, and have an engineer for a husband, Pi is my number of choice.”  How fun!


Click over to Sweet Pea to get all the details on how Paula gave this chair a new look.

Fancy Vintage Child’s Chair Makeover

When my uncle was clearing out his basement he gave met his little vintage child’s chair that he found,” says Shanna at Restoration Redoux.  The chair was ornately carved but was banged up and had stained upholstery.


Shanna went to work on the chair, covering the damaged finish with ivory plaster paint before lightly distressing it.  She reupholstered the seat with a pretty gray and white floral fabric.  “Good as new, and it would be super cute in a nursery or little girl’s bedroom,” Shanna notes.  


Visit Restoration Redoux to learn more about the paint Shanna used for this makeover.