Nicer Than New chair before

Impulse Shopping Inspires a Rescue

When Joan from Nicer Than New impulsively purchased a Silhouette craft cutting machine, she had to look around her house for something to transform using her new toy.  "I had a boring little oak chair sitting in my garage that was too low and too wide for the couple of desks I have already sold," she says.  "I decided this little lovely would be my test piece for a Silhouette printed stencil and paint project." Nicer Than New chair before
DIY Beautify chair before

Chair Rescued Once, Then Again

Cindy blogs over at DIY Beautify.  She's got a double rescue to tell us about today.  One that started with Cindy dumpster diving for some chairs.  She says, "They were GROSS. Bad paint job with bad paint. Lots of drips and globs. And sticky. And the seat cushions?  Eeeek!"  After some TLC, Cindy got them to look like this... DIY Beautify chair after  
Marty's Musings dining chairs before

Broken Cane Chairs Get a Makeover

Marty has been documenting her kitchen remodel at Marty's Musings.  While she'd successfully fixed up her kitchen table, the old cane chairs that went with it were still a problem.  The caning had worn out long ago, and the only solution available was ill-fitting slipcovers. Marty's Musings dining chairs before
Sunflower Hugs desk and chair before

Rescued Desk and Chair Makeover

Susan of Sunflower Hugs tells us, "I found this desk listed for free on Craigslist.  It was from a storage unit facility that auctioned off an unpaid unit's contents and no one wanted it.  Then I found a free chair driving home one day."  Lucky!  Talk about the perfect combination. Sunflower Hugs desk after  
Taylor Made barrel chair before

Barrel Chair Makeover

Taylor blogs at TaylorMade.  When she brought this vintage barrel chair home from a garage sale, she was excited about the chair but knew the upholstery had to go.  Quotes from professionals were over $400, so Taylor gathered up her courage and decided to do it herself. Taylor Made barrel chair before
free craigslist wingback chair

Reupholstered Wingback Chair

Mary Anne from Purposedly Reinvented chose this beauty for her very first reupholstering project. She found it for FREE off Craigslist and instantly saw the potential in its tiny little ad photo. Her husband, on the other hand, was of course shaking his head and questioning how anything beautiful could ever come of the eyesore. free craigslist wingback chair