Cheap Back-to-School Style with Cereal Box Notebooks

At Creme de la Craft, Natalie loves to take notes, so she always keeps notebooks in her purse.  Cute notebooks can be pricey, though, which is why Natalie was so excited to discover that she could make her own cute notebooks from leftover cereal boxes.


Natalie cut and folded the cardboard from the cereal boxes to the size she wanted, with the blank side facing out.  Then she cut sheets of paper down to size and stitched them into the spine.  To finish each notebook, Natalie glued a piece of decorative paper to the spine.  I’m smitten!


Visit Natalie at Creme de la Craft to read her instructions for adding the button closure to her cute notebooks.

Cereal Boxes to Stylish Drawer Dividers

Jen blogs at IHeart Organizing.  Although her desk drawer was once beautifully organized with acrylic drawer dividers, she decided to use the drawer dividers in her vanity instead.  And five months later, her desk drawer needed some love.

iheart organizing before

Enter some leftover food boxes, such as cereal boxes, waffle boxes, and granola bar boxes.  Jen collected enough to fill her drawer, and once she had arranged them to fit perfectly, she cut them down to size using the drawer as a guide.  After that, Jen used cute scrapbook paper and tape to jazz up her free new drawer dividers.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Jen’s drawer dividers have me searching my house for a drawer the perfect size to organize and beautify just like she did!

iheart organizing after

Visit Jen at IHeart Organizing to see the step-by-step process.

Recycled Paper Heart Wreath

Jeanette from Creating A Life shares in my love for cereal and, therefore, never has a shortage of the colorful cardboard boxes. She was determined to put some of that cardboard to work for Valentine’s Day this year.

cereal box to wreath

Jeanette paired one of the cereal boxes with some packing paper she had on hand to create this gorgeous wreath. I know Valentine’s Day is over, but I just love how this recycled wreath came out and think it’s neutral enough to stay up way past the holiday!

crinkle paper heart wreath

See how Jeanette made it at Creating A Life.

Cereal Box Postcards

On my other site, Infarrantly Creative I got a little creative with cereal boxes.  I am a big fan of recycling anything and everything I can.  Most people toss cereal boxes when the cardboard is primo for art projects, drawing surfaces and POSTCARDS.


So I cut some down and rounded the corners and then added lines for the address on the back.  They make the perfect sized note for my preschoolers to send Grandma a note.

cereal box postcards

Come visit me at Infarrantly Creative to see more Cereal Box ideas.