Tea Towel Basket Centerpiece

I love this simple table decor idea from Chiara and Ilene of One O. All you need is a tea towel to make this cute basket centerpiece. "Centerpieces are usually important aspects of the table, whether they’re just decorative or pretty and functional. So having a chance to make one up from things you have at home sounds like savour to us!" they say.
how to take apart a pallet

Gorgeous Pallet Box

"We were lucky to find this pallet dumped near a path one evening while were were out for a walk," says Bonnie at The Pin Junkie. "My teenage son was nice enough to haul it home for me although he made it clear he thought his mother was crazy for wanting to carry home someone's tra

Adorable Easter Egg Tree

Eggshells aren't usually something we think about sparing from the trash.  But if you happen to be willing to save a few, you might be able to create an Easter egg tree that's almost as cute as this one from Cristina at Remodelando la Casa. eggshells-painted

Sonic Spring

Here's a really fun upcycling project from Kellie at Nest of Posies.  It all started with a family run to Sonic for some fun drinks.  When they handed the drinks to Kellie in this cardboard carrier, she had a light bulb moment. sonic-cardboard-drink-carrier