Tea Cart Makeover

At Rain on a Tin Roof, Jenna was delighted when friends passed along this tea trolley to her.  “Don’t you just love friends who give you their junk?” she laughs.  The cart was a bit rusty and dirty, but Jenna could see the potential.


After cleaning and sanding the cart, Jenna spray painted it white.  Next, she taped off some simple stripes for a subtle plaid pattern, and gave the cart a coat of black paint.  Once the paint was peeled away, the striking white stripes made a nice contrast against the glossy black of the cart.  Jenna suggests watching for metal carts like this one when you are out thrifting.  “These carts are great for craft stations, drink carts or just extra storage around the house,” she points out.


See the full makeover at Rain on a Tin Roof.

A Rescued Rolling Cart with a West Elm Inspired Makeover

A few months ago I found a metal rolling cart in a garbage pile at work,” tells Kathy at The Salvaged Boutique.  Delighted with the possibilities of her find, she took it home for a makeover.


It was obvious that a few coats of paint would do wonders for this cart.  But Kathy wanted to take it a step further.  Inspired by West Elm’s Rubicon Rug, she decided to go with a geometric pattern on the cart.  She painted the cart’s legs gold and the shelves white, then taped off the Rubicon-esque diamond stripes on the top of shelf of the cart and painted those gold.  The result is an elegant transformation that open the door wide for using this cart as a mini bar, accent table, or kitchen accessory.  Beautiful!


Click over to The Salvaged Boutique to read all about this makeover.

Curbside Table Earns Its Wheels

This little table was discovered curbside on the way to church, according to Aimee of It’s Overflowing.  “The weathered table must have spent many a nights facing sun, wind and snow!” she laughs.

It's Overflowing small table before

Aimee liked the worn finish, but got tired of paint flakes getting on her floors as the family brushed past.  She eventually came up with the idea of turning it into a kitchen cart, by adding wheels, shelves, and a towel bar.  Once the cart was constructed, Aimee painted it sunshine yellow.  Doesn’t it look amazing?

It's Overflowing small table after

Get all the details on this makeover at It’s Overflowing.

DIY Rustic Cart

Bridgett blogs at Osie Moats.  One lazy Sunday afternoon, she happened to check Craigslist and discovered this cart being advertised as a free takeaway.  It was just a mile away!

Osie Moates cart before

Bridgett’s husband was nice enough to fetch it for her.  She loved that it had wheels, planked shelves, a side towel hanger, and was in great shape.  She didn’t love the light oak stain.  She re-stained the top, lightly distressed the body, and replaced the drawer pull.  The changes give the cart a more rustic, vintage vibe–perfect for Bridgett.  The cart is just the right touch for her bathroom.

Osie Moates cart after

You can read more about this makeover at Osie Moats.

Bar Cart Makeover

Laurel, from A Bubbly Life, had an old bar cart that had seen better days.  She decided it was time to give it an update.

A fresh coat of paint and some shiny polka dots were all it took to make this cart look as sparkly as the conversation at Laurel’s parties.  The silver dots are just subtle enough against the white paint to make an impact without being too distracting.  They definitely transformed the old cart from wallflower to party princess!

You’ll be surprised at how Laurel got this shiny polka dot effect.  Read all about it at A Bubbly Life.

Metal Cart with House Sign

Cherryl from Dillon’s Digital Designs was driving along on her way to work when she passed this little metal cart sitting on the side of the road. It was a bit bent in places, but still good for the taking. Especially for free!

metal cart from curb

Cherryl painted the cart and then created an aged sign with her family name to set atop it. Apparently some people are unaware of what a can of spray paint can do, but hey, better for those of us who do know!

painted metal cart with wood sign

Check out how Cherryl updated her cart at Dillon’s Digital Designs.