Upcycled Packing Box

Project Lovegood packing box before

At Project Lovegood, Aubrey’s husband recently purchased a new computer.  The various parts of the computer came in all kinds of sturdy boxes with compartments.  Aubrey knew just how she could upcycle them.

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Starbucks Frappuccino Craft Caddy

Daydream Mom starbucks before

Jess, also known as Daydream Mom, bought a four pack of Starbuck’s Frappuccinos one day and thought “Hey, this caddy could be used for something!”  She upcycled the glass bottles and cardboard carrying case into a handy craft caddy.

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Recycled Tuna Box

Organized 31 before 2

Susan came across this empty box on the shelves at her local grocery store.  She felt a little silly admitting it, but there was something about the size and shape that really appealed to her, so she brought it home along with her groceries and set about finding a good use for it.  It took Susan–who blogs at Organized 31–a few months, but she finally realized that it could be used for holding CD’s and DVD’s.

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Cardboard Catch-All

cardboard catch all materials

To say there’s been a time or two that I’ve misplaced the keys would be an understatement. And let’s not even talk about my phone… This cardboard catchall from Design for Mankind contributor Laura will save you the time (and sanity) spent looking for those frequently lost items.  What I also love about this project {…Read More…}

Cereal Box Postcards

On my other site, Infarrantly Creative I got a little creative with cereal boxes.  I am a big fan of recycling anything and everything I can.  Most people toss cereal boxes when the cardboard is primo for art projects, drawing surfaces and POSTCARDS. So I cut some down and rounded the corners and then added {…Read More…}