Cute for Easter: Toilet Paper Roll Animals

It’s always fun to put together a craft with things that you already have on hand.  Here’s one of those crafts that’s perfect for Easter–and for putting together with your kids if they are on spring break–from Katie at View From the Fridge.  It starts with something really easy to find around the house:  a toilet paper roll!toilet paper rolls 1


Katie started by dressing up her toilet paper roll collection with cute, preppy papers.  Once the rolls were covered, she used additional supplies from around the house to give them “animal” characteristics, like googly eyes, fluffy cottonballs, yarn fur, and feather tails.  This was a project that Katie’s little boys could get involved with, and they had a lot of fun making a trio of Easter friends.  Cute!


Find a full tutorial for this family-friendly craft project at View From the Fridge.



Heart Charms from Upcycled Cardboard

A cereal box has so much potential once the cereal is gone.  It’s made of lightweight cardboard that’s perfect for all kinds of projects.  Here’s a cute one from Daniela at Curly Made.


Daniela cut apart her empty cereal box and then traced small heart shapes onto it.  After cutting out several hearts, she glued them together in stacks of three and punched a tiny hole in the top.  Next, Daniela used nail polish to paint her dimensional hearts.  She drew a “heart beat” onto each one.  The finished hearts can be attached to a chain to make a necklace or charm bracelet.  Too cute!


Click over to Curly Made to see a video tutorial for this project.

Cardboard Box Storage Makeover

At Redo It Yourself Inspirations, Robin came up with a way to turn cardboard boxes into a useful and beautiful storage option.  Looking for something to act as “drawers” in a small shelf she was redoing, Robin was struck by the fact that a few of the cardboard boxes she had lying around were the perfect size.


Who wants to display ratty old boxes on their freshly painted shelves, though?  Not Robin!  She cut off the flaps of the boxes, and hid their homely status by decoupaging them with torn paper bags.  Once dried, this gave them a look very similar to aged leather.  To continue the transformation, Robin cut up an old leather belt and used it to make pretty handles for her new “drawers”.  What a cheap and easy way to turn cardboard boxes into useful storage!


Click over to Redo It Yourself Inspirations to find out more about this project.

Toilet Paper Roll Christmas Calendar

All you toilet paper roll savers out there, your craft has come!  Erland from Norway is a fellow saver, and has turned his stash into a really cool, minimalist advent calendar. He’s sharing the details at his gorgeous blog, Morning Creativity.

toilet paper rolls

Erland used toilet paper rolls, pieces of cardboard, and glue to create the calendar. One great thing, as Erland tells us, is that “you don’t need to wrap the calendar gifts, you simply lock them inside the rolls.” He does this by printing the numbers on brown paper to cover each tube opening. As a bonus, he also includes two lists (one for men, one for women) of suggestions for items that are small and light enough to fit inside each roll!


See the full tutorial at Morning Creativity.

Glass Insulator Christmas Tree

Over at The Salvaged Boutique, one of Kathy’s friends passed along several boxes of vintage items to her.  She was delighted to find one of them full of these glass insulators.  Insulators were originally used with telegraph lines, back in the 1800’s.  Kathy challenged herself to turn one of them into Christmas decor, using only items that she had on hand.


For this project, Kathy gathered together her supplies, including some cardboard.  She cut out pieces of cardboard and fashioned them into sections of an evergreen tree.  She attached them to a dowel and painted everything black.  She trimmed the cardboard tree with pretty pearls and used the glass insulator as a tree topper.  How creative!


Make sure you get all the details on this project at The Salvaged Boutique.

Halloween Mantel from Repurposed Objects

There’s no need for seasonal decor to be costly.  Cristina proves this with the stunning Halloween mantel she created using several repurposed objects at Remodelando la Casa.  The thing that really got her creative juices flowing was this stash of crib parts that she had in her garage.


Looking at those crib parts, Cristina decided they could become a gate that would serve as the backdrop for her mantel decor.  She pieced the crib parts together and used vintage-style hardware to really give the effect of an old gate.  The crows perched on and around the gate are leftovers from other Halloweens.  The “vases” holding dead branches are actually cardboard spools that her husband brought home from work–Cristina covered them in spooky black and white paper.  How awesome is that?


Find out more about this mantel made from repurposed objects at Remodelando la Casa.

Upcycled Cardboard Make a Great Earring Display

Over at Blah to Tada, Claire came up with an inexpensive and eye catching way to display earrings.  It’s a great idea for anyone who sells jewelry–especially if they want to keep their expenses down at craft fairs and other venues, since it starts with a very easy-to-find material: cardboard.


Claire cut two pieces of cardboard out to the sizes she wanted, and painted them in a fun color, turquoise.  On one piece of cardboard, she used a Sharpie marker to doodle all kinds of frames.  Cutting an opening into the other piece of cardboard, she created a stand.  The final step was to simply poke the earrings through the cardboard and display them inside the doodle frames.  Too cute!


Get the full tutorial for this handy upcycling project at Blah to Tada.

DIY Painted Area Rug

At Upcycled Treasures, Katie had fabric medium in her craft stash that she’d purchased for a craft project and didn’t use.  So, when she came across a fantastic looking area rug that she couldn’t afford, Katie had a light-bulb moment.  Why not make a rug?


Katie purchased an discounted, light-colored remnant rug from the local hardware store.  She mixed the fabric medium she had with turquoise and navy paints.  She created design templates using pieces of cardboard from her recycling bin, and traced the designs onto her rug with a Sharpie pen.  Then, Katie filled in the designs with her paint, creating her own version of the brand-name rug that sparked her imagination.  Isn’t it gorgeous?



Click over to Upcycled Treasures to view the tutorial for this project.