Trendy Travel Journal Made from Old Map


Lately at The Pin Junkie, Bonnie shares her preparations for her upcoming trip to Europe. She thought it would be a good idea to bring a travel journal on her trip to write down notes while traveling. Bonnie had an old map of Europe on hand and realized she could use it to make her own travel journal instead of buying one.

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Cheap Back-to-School Style with Cereal Box Notebooks


At Creme de la Craft, Natalie loves to take notes, so she always keeps notebooks in her purse. Cute notebooks can be pricey, though, which is why Natalie was so excited to discover that she could make her own cute notebooks from leftover cereal boxes.

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Serving Trays from Cardboard Boxes


“A trip to to Costco to purchase party supplies led straight to these empty boxes and a lightbulb moment,” reveals Susan at Organized 31. She was preparing for her daughter’s graduation party at the time, when she realized that shelling out money for expensive serving trays wasn’t necessary.

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Stenciled Cardboard Storage


Over at Stowand TellU, Amy is on a mission to create more storage in her home for less. One of her latest discoveries is that cardboard, when painted, can be decorative storage. She even figured out how to make her own lidded storage boxes!

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Look What Came Out of a Cereal Box!


Remember when it was fun to be the one to finish off a box of cereal, because that meant you got to collect the prize? Well, cereal boxes these days don’t have prizes in them, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get something from them. Case in point: what Karen from Flimsy Pi created from a couple cereal boxes pulled from her neighbor’s recycling bin.

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From Storage to Style: Cardboard Furniture


Here’s a rescue project that impressed the heck out of me. Ananada from A Piece of Rainbow figured out how to make some pretty good looking furniture pieces…..out of cardboard boxes!

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Greetings From Your Junk Mail


If you have a mailbox, then chances are pretty high that you get junk mail. Left unchecked, all that junk mail can quickly stack up to an Everest-sized mountain. So it’s with great pleasure that I announce to you that Heather at Happy Chippy Junk has a fun craft project that will help you get through the rest of the year.

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The Gift That Gives Even More Than Twice


At Elizabeth Joan Designs, Emily’s son received a present inside a cute polka dotted gift box. It was too cute to just throw away, so Emily decided to think of something to make using the box.

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