Cardboard Box Storage Makeover

At Redo It Yourself Inspirations, Robin came up with a way to turn cardboard boxes into a useful and beautiful storage option. Looking for something to act as "drawers" in a small shelf she was redoing, Robin was struck by the fact that a few of the cardboard boxes she had lying around were the perfect size.
diy Design Fanatic box before

Pretty DIY Baskets

Pam blogs at diy Design Fanatic, where she claims that necessity is the mother of invention.  "I looked for at least 2 months for a basket for our daughter's room. I looked at Marshall's, HomeGoods, Ikea, TJ Maxx, Target, but didn't have any luck. None of the baskets were the right size."  One day, walking out of Trader Joe's, she spotted an empty box that was the perfect size, and was desperate enough to bring it home! diy Design Fanatic box before
Eat Sleep Make birchbox before

Birchbox Boxes Repurposed

At Eat.Sleep.Make., Shannon shares a great little upcycling project.  She and her husband get monthly samples from Birchbox, and they arrive in these great little boxes.  Something as cute as that couldn't just get tossed, so Shannon's been saving them until inspiration struck. Eat Sleep Make birchbox before