Pretty DIY Baskets

Pam blogs at diy Design Fanatic, where she claims that necessity is the mother of invention.  “I looked for at least 2 months for a basket for our daughter’s room. I looked at Marshall’s, HomeGoods, Ikea, TJ Maxx, Target, but didn’t have any luck. None of the baskets were the right size.”  One day, walking out of Trader Joe’s, she spotted an empty box that was the perfect size, and was desperate enough to bring it home!

diy Design Fanatic box before

Pam was convinced that she could turn this empty cardboard box into something just as cute as the decorative baskets she’d been eyeing at all those other places.  The solution was pretty simple:  she used hot glue to attach jute to the cardboard as she wrapped it around the box, effectively covering up the cardboard.  She made a simple dropcloth canvas insert to cover the inside.  The result?  You would never guess this used to be a cardboard box!  Awesome makeover, right?

diy Design Fanatic box after

Gett all the details on this project at diy Design Fanatic.

Boxes Upcycled to Drawer Organizers

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Here’s a project that’s green in more than one way.  Lauren blogs at The Thinking Closet, and decided it was time to reorganize her craft drawers.  Her budget was tight, so she had to use what she had to optimize her storage and organization.

Thinking Closet drawer dividers before

What Lauren had was a collection of cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes.  She cut the boxes down to the appropriate sizes for her drawers, then covered them with pretty, inexpensive contact paper in a green floral pattern.  The boxes made great dividers and storage boxes for all kinds of craft supplies, and they are fun to look at, too.

Thinking Closet drawer dividers after collage

You can find out more about this project at The Thinking Closet.

Upcycled Packing Box

At Project Lovegood, Aubrey’s husband recently purchased a new computer.  The various parts of the computer came in all kinds of sturdy boxes with compartments.  Aubrey knew just how she could upcycle them.

Covering the boring pictures of computer components with colorful maps, Aubrey transformed the boxes into craft room organizers!  Those compartments are just the right size for storing craft supplies.  I think this would be a great way to store Christmas ornaments, too–just switch the maps for festive wrapping paper.

Check out Aubrey’s tutorial so you can upcycle some packing boxes of your own at Project Lovegood.