Fall Decor with Baby Food Lids

We’ve already seen the adorably creative things that Meghan from Our Pinteresting Family is able to make with baby food pouch lids HERE, but I just have to share what she’s made with them for Fall.


This time around, Meghan save the orange lids from her squeezable baby food pouches.  She painted a canvas with tan paint and cut out vinyl letters in a fun Fall saying to put onto the canvas.  Then, she glued on the plastic lids in the shape of a pumpkin.  How cute of an upcycling project is that?


Click over to Our Pinteresting Family to find out more.

Rescued Chair Gets Restoration Restyle

Erin and Emily blog at Elizabeth Joan Designs.  The last time the sisters were together, Erin mentioned that she needed a chair for her new desk.  As luck would have it, Emily had recently rescued the perfect chair from the roadside, and was happy to pass it along to her sister.  As you can see, the chair was in decent condition, but the upholstery was not.


The first step in this chair redo was pulling off the original, stained upholstery and all the accompanying upholstery tacks.  Next, Erin sanded, primed, and painted the wood frame of the chair white.  Using the original fabric pieces as templates, she cut corresponding shapes from a canvas drop cloth, and used the canvas to recover the cushions.  Erin attached double welt cording to the rough edges of the upholstery to finish everything off.  It looks spectacular!


If you’d like to learn more about this makeover, click over to Elizabeth Joan Designs.

Adorable Art for Kids

Here’s a delightful little project from Meghan of Our Pinteresting Family.  She likes to use the squeezable pouch baby foods when she and the kids are on the go.  “They have the colorful twist-off tops on them, and I have been collecting them, hoping to use them for crafts,” Meghan tells us.


While her little ones were napping one day, inspiration struck.  Meghan had a few small canvases.  She used her craft cutting machine to cut some simple transportation-themed shapes out of colorful vinyl–trucks, trains, etc.  After applying each shape to a small canvas, Meghan glued the plastic baby-food lids onto the vehicles, in place of wheels.  This gave them an extra shot of color and a fun, 3-D effect.  The new art will go in the playroom at Meghan’s house.  I’m so impressed by her creativity!


Visit Our Pinteresting Family to get all the details on this cute upcycled art project.

Scrap Wood Wall Art

At Home.Made.Interest, Melinda tells us that she found this wood in the scrap pile at Home Depot.  She brought it home with plans to turn it into some wall art for her gallery wall.


To get just the graywashed look she had in mind, Melinda actually layered two different types of stain onto the wood.  She hot glued the boards together to create a canvas.  Next, Melinda personalized her sign by cutting out some vinyl lettering:  the word “home”, and the GPS coordinates of her home’s location.  She applied the vinyl to the wood canvas and then hung it on the wall next to her family picture gallery wall.  How fun!


Learn more about this project (like how to find the latitude and longitude of your home) at Home.Made.Interest.

House Love String Art

Rachel blogs at Fifty Two Weekends.  There, she found a way to update an out dated piece of wall art and create a fun new decorative piece for her home.


Of the dated piece of art she started with, Rachel says, “I had it stashed in our basement and came this close to tossing it several times but I’m so glad I didn’t!”  Covered with a few coats of white paint, the old art become a new canvas.  Rachel cut a template of a house out of posterboard, and used it to arrange nails on the canvas in a house shape.  Rachel pulled string around the nails to create a design with a heart shape in the center.  Cute!


Learn more about this string art at Fifty Two Weekends.

Art to Go

Naush blogs from Dubai at Doodle Buddies.  She’s found an inexpensive way to get canvas for her art projects, and recycle at the same time!  Since being eco-friendly is important to her, she rarely ever uses a canvas for her mixed media artwork that didn’t start out as something else, like this pizza box.


“I use the back of a pizza box [instead of canvas] and I love the texture it gives,” Naush explains.  She used acrylic paint and scrapbooking paper to create a work of art centered around a favorite quote.  Hard to believe this started out as take out, isn’t it?  Super cute art, Naush!


Click over to Doodle Buddies to learn more about this recycled mixed media artwork.

Fabric Wrapped Frame Looks Sweet

Taking a different route home from her daughter’s gymnastics class one day, Allison of The Golden Sycamore spotted this empty frame sticking out of a trash pile.  Even though she wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to use it, she threw it in the back of her car and brought it home.


Allison decided that the best use for this frame was in her daughter’s bedroom, as part of a gallery wall.  Since tastes change fast as little ones grow, she played it safe and switched up the look of this frame in a way that would be super easy to change, down the road.  She wrapped the frame in fabric, using strips she ripped from a canvas drop cloth.  It’s got a sweet shabby chic vibe that looks great in her daughter’s room.


See Allison’s instructions for wrapping a frame in fabric at The Golden Sycamore.

Fabric Covered Vases for Spring

At I Heart Naptime, Liz from Love Grows Wild shared this great ideas for giving vases an extra dose of Spring Color.  The great thing about this project, is you can reuse any available container, if you don’t have real vases.


For this project, Liz decided to give some spring color to inexpensive canvas drop cloth fabric.  She cut the fabric into squares, taped off stripes, and painted in between the stripes with brightly colored craft paint.  Once the fabric was dry, she simply wrapped it around her vases and secured it with a bit of twine.  Darling!


Visit I Heart Naptime to get all the details on this fun project.